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Damon Albarn
Damon Albarn

It's a very special show as Damon drops in with Steve Lamacq to help out.

NB: There will be celebrity takeovers from Monday 12 Jan through to Thursday 22 Jan - find out who else is coming in by checking out our star line-up!

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Damon and Gorillaz frontman Murdoc take you through Dead Prez, Syria's Omar Souleyman, brand new Gorillaz demos... and Girls Aloud. Check the full tracklisting

Fiona from the Radio 1 web team gives you a blow by blow account of the night's proceedings via Twitter:

  • 18:56 - Damon is in the studio with Steve Lamacq...
  • 19:04 - Headphones on... Damon's dancing
  • 19:11 - Murdoc is expected and Damon puts out a "complete disclaimer for anything he does."
  • 19:18 - Jazmine Sullivan is really doing it for Damon right now
  • 19.27 - Damon plays out a rough cut of Electric Shock - new Gorillaz. It's an example of his intent, what he's trying to do...
  • 19.31 - ... and it's hard to know when something's finished
  • 19.39 - Shake Sugaree is dedicated to inspirational guitarist Davey Graham
  • 19.42 - Murdoc's here: "I haven't slept since Christmas 1982."
  • 19.50 - Murdoc says: Damon's selection kind of *isn't* is it? But this is!! This IS!
  • 19.50 - Damon falls on the actual floor laughing
  • 20.08 - Damon reads a text which says - You have the scent of John Peel on you
  • 20.08 - Reminiscing about Blur @ Peel Acres... "I'm going to have to work hard to get back to that standard."
  • 20.16 - So Gorillaz' Murdoch is doing the Shipping Forecast. And gets bored of it. So he hands it over to 'David Bowie' to finish reading on air
  • 20.39 - Who else could line up Girls Aloud ahead of Gorillaz?
  • 20.39 - Jamie Hewlett is keeping the boys company
  • 20.40 - He and Damon are cracking up over Murdoc's musings on Julie Andrews
  • 20.53 - Jamie thought the last track was too heavy for this show
  • 20.53 - I'm leaving the band! I'm joining Razorlight!
  • 21.00 - Aw.. Bobby Benson's Otsokobila is the last track. Hugs all round... it's over

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