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Tracklistings: 19/04/05

Coldplay - 'Speed Of Sound' (Parlophone)
Nine Inch Nails - 'The Hand That Feeds' (Universal)
Roman Flugel - 'Ghet'sNoch' (Skint)
White Stripes - 'Blue Orchid' (XL)
*Hottest Record In The World*
Missy Elliott - 'Lose Control' (Atlantic)
*Crowdrocker:  Rage Against The Machine - 'Bulls On Parade'*
Hot Hot Heat - 'Goodnight Goodnight' (Warners)
M.I.A - 'Bucky Done Gun' (XL)
System Of A Down - 'Bring Your Own Bombs' (Sony)
Sons & Daughters - 'Dance Me In' (Domino)
*Album Of The Week: Jose Gonzalez 'Veneer'*
Track: 'Love Stain'
Nine Black Alps - 'Not Everyone' (Island)
Potential Badboy - 'Love' (-)
Magic Numbers - 'Forever Lost' (EMI)
*Single Of The Week*
Slipknot - 'Before I Forget' (Road Runner)
Ills - 'III-Logic' (Distinctive)
Artic Monkeys - 'Fake Tales Of San Francisco' (-)
Willy Mason - 'So Long' (Virgin)
Hellfish - 'U Don't Quit' (Deathchant)
British Sea Power - 'Please Stand Up' (Rough Trade)
Doves - 'Snowdon' (Heavenly)
The Paddingtons - Panic Attack' (Poptones)
The Rakes - 'Retreat' (Moshi Moshi)
Ludaris - 'Number One Spot' (Mercury)
Editors - 'Munich' (Absolute)
Neon - 'Dizzyness' (Transcopic)
Hyper-'Come With Me' (4-20)
Team Sleep - 'Ever' (Warners)
Coldplay - 'Speed Of Sound' (Parlophone)

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