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Radio 1 Zane Lowe

Mon-Thu 19.00-21.00

Strokes - Is This it
Strokes - Is This It

"Is This It", the debut from The Strokes, was released in 2001,and eventually reached number 2 in the UK. It is consistently ranked in charts listing the Greatest Albums of all time.

Listen to why Zane chose this album

Browse the album's artwork as you listen - click on a picture below, or click here to start at the beginning.

In choosing this record as a masterpiece, Zane said "a lot of people forget just how great the debut record from The Strokes is, and just how much influence it had". 

But we want to know how this album has touched your life.  Maybe it got you into music, or encouraged you to pick up a guitar or start writing lyrics.  What memories have you got of the first time you heard this album, and what effect has it had on you?

Read what others have said..

Nick, Wellington
Awesome this is pretty much my favourite album, it started me playing guitar and getting into other great bands like The Stooges, The Velvet Underground and Television

Sean Glasgow
Dont like it. Didnt like then. It sounds just as tired and unoriginal as it sounded back in the day. But last nite is ok i guess

Rob, London
It's funny , I just pulled this album out for the first time in years last week and was pleasantly reminded about how great it really is. Good to see that you all agree. What I love about it is the simplicity yet brilliance of all the individual instruments parts. This album made me put away my guitar effects pedals and plug straight into my amp.......fantastic, and this album does deserve to be up there with Nevermind......

John Edinburgh
One track wonders. Last Night is a great song the rest of the album is poor, this isn't even vaguely close to a greatest album.

Simon, Tewkesbury currently in Darmstadt Germany
Well, I listened to it with interest but it didn't do much for me - it could've been any of many indi guitar bands from the last 15 years. Not in the same league as the rest of the week's offering and many more great albums. Sorry!

Mick Lawlor
All I want to say is that I've never been more excited before a gig as I was before I saw the strokes in February 2002. The gig was at the Birmingham Academy. It was an amazing gig and they played every song off the album as well as Meet Me In The Bathroom and what would become Between Love & Hate. This album is timeless and is half an hour of perfection. Room On Fire and First Impressions Of Earth each have their high points and songs like Reptilia and Ize Of The World are bona fide classic Strokes songs, but neither album can match Is This It for quality through each song. Thank you The Strokes and roll on the 4th album!!

Stu, Wirral
The Strokes are possibly my favourite band, with arctic monkeys a very close second. Mainly because without the strokes there would be no arctic monkeys. The simple beats and structures create easy listening, but the great riffs and vocals provide such great depth to the songs. This is why my band covers a lot of Strokes songs and I would definitely say that our own material has been infuenced heavily by the band. I cannot choose a favourite song as there are so many classics, although HARD TO EXPLAIN from the featured album comes to mind along with FEAR OF SLEEP and HAWAII (Juicebox B-side).The Strokes are a great band

lucy, fareham
the strokes are awesome and this album really highlights what they are all about. I'm 14 so i didn't know this album when it first came out but i've got to say, all their stuff is amazing. This album in particular. Ive been listening to them foer a aocuple of years now and Is This it? is by far the best.

Gaz, Southampton
Simply Stunning...although i often listen to some Strokes tunes, i forgot how awesome the Entire album is!!!! Working didnt seem an appropriate activity to do while i was listening, so i just here....

big dad
Saw them at Reading 2001 when the NME got them transfered to the main stage. They were overrated then and they obviously still are!

Ross Macleod Glasgow
Is This It, the strokes are it! i was 14 when i watched the video for hard to explain on mtv 2 and when that song just stops at the end, that did it for me. favourite band since then. still listen to the album in full at least once a week. best bit about it was Fab's drum beats, learnt how to play the drums because of Is This It! classic and always will be for me.

100 mph start to finish, If I was trapped on a Island and had to choose one album, "is this it" would be it

simon reynolds,mansfield
close your eyes open your mind! if the music sucks you in makes you twitch with the need to dancethe can it be anything but a masterpiece, and after all that you still not sure then hey everyone is entitled to there opinion thats why music is so diverse and you'll find your own masters sooner or later

Linda, New Jersey
this is the most amazing thing ever. first time i've ever heard the strokes. luv ya zane.

mhairi mac
this album changed how i looked at music and made me realise how good music can beruddy fantastic!!!!

Russell Smith - Saltburn by the Sea
I was DJ'ing and running several clubnights when this came out. The hype and anticipation was amazing and I can proudly say the promo of "Hard to explain" is the only record I have played three times in one night! Each time the pause got longer and longer, each time the crowd went wilder and wilder. This really was a time to be proud of. An even better time to be a DJ!

dave ,rotherham
great album, it has a specil place in my heart as i met my wife when last night was playing in pub.

annie kent
so good,every song is brilliant, travelled across usa listening to just this...when u are down.. wack this on ..u forget everything..what a cool band!!love you strokes!!!

ian belfast
i love this album, back then music had no direction this album changed everything, really straighted things up

Lynne Mills. South Wales
Words cannot do enough justice to describe how amazing this album is and how it makes me feel. It gives me a utopic feeling way deep inside. Julian Casablancas has an excellent voice and the band and the album have a wonderful aura about them, as does everything else they have produced. Keep it up The Strokes.

Sumoyee, Oxford
One of the main reasons I have my music taste today, novel, inspiring and revolutionary. They have opened the door for SO many bands today and I feel priviledged to have lived through this time to see them live. I cannot WAIT for the new album, their influence should never be underestimated.

James, Burnley
The best album of the masterpieces, im sure we wouldnt have had yesterdays album without todays choice. They made music what it is today in this decade, before that the scenes were in danger of dying. Last Nite is the song of the generation.This truly deserves to make the list.

Angelo Trofa, Milton Keynes
The strokes are the best, the way they exploded into the universe, changing the music scene for the better. and come on who has a cooler image than the strokes...that is style!

Gareth, Hastings
'Is This It' follows the perfect album format. Pop song after pop song after pop song. It's a very listenable length and every single tune transcends genre and era. There's no filler and no attempts to be epic or over-intricate. In my opinion it has set the benchmark for what a great album should be. I'm yet to hear anything else that has met that benchmark.

Joe, Sheffield
I must admit that i was a little surprised to hear that this was chosen as a masterpiece. DEfinitely a worthy choice. Perhaps I'm one of those people who didn't realise the importance of this album. I guess it did to nu-metal what Nevermind did to the hair metal of the 80's. Before i heard a Strokes song I'd seen them on the cover of NME and i already had an idea of what a band that looked like they did would sound like. Best song is Someday, such a feel good summery anthem, I challenge anyone not to tap their foot or click their fingers.

Tom, Liverpool
You know when a album is a masterpiece, because there is no faults or bad song in it. "Is This It" is the best debut Album of all time. The Strokes are just an incredible band. The brillienence of the lyrics the rifts the vocals, every about the album is magnificent, From Track 1-11.It's just one of those album which you can play over and over again and never be bored of 10/10.

Ollie Carrington, Suffolk
A piece of art in its self, every song on this album is my favourite and in a world where we like to skip, this album doesn't let you!The vocals are hypnotic and you cant help but get into every song you hear. So glad i took the chance and brought this album when i was young, its dictated my entire taste... :)

Lewis, Glasgow
Favourite album ever. My music taste pre-strokes was quite frankly shocking, and the first time I heard them I saw the light and have never touched my mariah carey albums since!best band evereverver.

Tye , small room , suffolk
Havent heard much of the strokes but what I have has been fantastic and they helped inspire the brilliant band "the british strokes" The Libertines

Nat , France
I was listening to "rock music" for years ( decades i must say) then i heard "Last nite" on a bonus cd of a magazine... It wasn't a "revolution" for me but that track was so perfect ... I've bought the album and I found it amazing , no filling just essential tracks...Today, i realize how much they have changed my taste in music by they 3 albums and Is This It was the beginning. It's nice to see The Strokes here, they deserve it ...Thanx Zane.

Laura, Florida, USA
So many want to imitate The Strokes, yet none succeed. This is one of those rare albums that you can listen without skipping a single song.But my number one album is still "OK Computer!"

Simon Williams, Peterborough
I remember when I first heard the single Hard To Explain and I thought it was the best thing I had ever heard in my life. When the album came out shortly after, even from the first listen it was a classic. It was the primary influence on transforming the British music scene and putting guitar bands back on top after the years of dross that followed Brit Pops implosion.

Grierson from Swindon
This is a slice of something special, and let's not forget prior to this album, music barely consisted of something as simple as guitars and drums...and a bit of style never hurt anyone. Changed my life, that's for sure.

Mike Harwood, Liverpool
The ripple effect this album created on the crumbling, post-Brit-pop, UK music scene should not be underestimated. If you're in any doubt of this albums importance just count the numerous poor-man's, Tin-pot, British clones- that shot to fame on the coat tails of Julian Casablancas'USMC jacket.This is where it all kicked off, and no band on this side of the Atlantic has got close in 6 years.

James, Bristol
Absolutley fantastic, amazing man! news on the new album, aparently they are hitting the studio in 2008....roll on the new album!

Alex, Derby
i may only be 15, but i know this is great music, the best album ever written and one day soon i hope theyll tour england so i can see them. by far the best artist at the moment. every single song on this album is great, im listening to it right now actually. they are real talented

Alex London
this album is amazing!!! Short and sweet, it wastes no time. Full of energy, one song just blends into the other effortlessly. 'Last Nite' has got to be one of my favourite songs of all time, truely a masterpiece of an album.

Chelsie, Peterborough
Well Well Well, the first time i herd of the strokes was listening to this and i first though WOW, how cool are these, and ever since that i've loved them ever since. Nice to see the strokes get a shout out for the great work!! :)

Jorge, New York
This album is beautiful.. Its literally one of the albums I can listen to over and over again and has no faults or mistakes. When I first listened to it, it was just so new, so epic and so refreshing to hear that Rock was still alive in the States. Today, Is This It? is definitely worthy of recognition from all avid listeners of Indie Rock. The album itself is inspiring, and has inspired me to start a band of my own. Classics such as Someday and Hard To Explain are truly poetic and new. They are unlike anything you've listened to before. If you haven't listened to the album, buy it now because it truly lives up to the hype.Good Choice Zane!

Innes, Edinburgh
This album changed my musical landscape from the bleak wasteland that was nu-metal into the vibrant and exciting world of Indie that now litters my every thought, 24/7. Picked up this album in Fopp, because of hearing Last Nite, listened to it on the bus home and subsiquently burned my red NY cap (Yeah I liked Limp Bizkit back then.) and the next day bought myself a suit jacket, large black shades and a pair of black Cons. The British music scene would be dead for it not been for Julian and Co. No Foals. No Arctic Monkeys. No Cribs. Thank god for The Strokes. Best 10 quid I've ever spent.

Dan, Hitchin
Ive never skipped a track on it. it;s the single reason why i got into real music when i was 14. without this the current music scene would be not nearly as good as it is. so much is owed by so many to so few.

Daniel morgan. South Wales
YEAH BABY. nice to see some appreciation for th strokes, u never seem to here much about them nowadays. there my fav!

zac leicester
this is amazing the strokes came along on redefined music this is really a masterpiece

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