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Radio 1 Zane Lowe

Mon-Thu 19.00-21.00

Public Enemy - 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'

Masterpieces albums On April 1, 2008, Zane played out this epic album in full, just as the band intended it to be heard. The show also contained interviews and other music to put the album's greatness into context.

See the tracklistings

Browse the complete album artwork by clicking on one of the images below:

This is the full tracklisting of the album. Click on the links below to listen to 30-second clips (in Real Audio).

1. Countdown To Armageddon - Listen to clip
2. Bring The Noise - Listen to clip
3. Don't Believe The Hype - Listen to clip
4. Cold Lampin With Flavor - Listen to clip
5. Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic - Listen to clip
6. Mind Terrorist - Listen to clip
7. Louder Than A Bomb - Listen to clip
8. Caught, Can We Get A Witness? - Listen to clip
9. Show Em Whatcha Got - Listen to clip
10. She Watches Channel Zero ?! - Listen to clip
11. Night Of The Living Baseheads - Listen to clip
12. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos - Listen to clip
13. Security Of The First World - Listen to clip
14. Rebel Without A Pause - Listen to clip
15. Prophets Of Rage - Listen to clip
16. Party For Your Right To Fight - Listen to clip

We asked you to send us your 'Masterpieces Masterpiece' - a picture explaining why the Masterpieces albums meant so much to you and why you think everyone should hear it. Click on the pics below to see the gallery of the pictures created.

Also, during the show, we asked you to text us your stories and opinions about the album - here is a selection of the texts we received:

· On board and knitting socks for rappers. Soo in Greenwich.
· My brother Jet introduced me 2 hip hop with this album when i was 8 or 9 and i have been hooked ever since. Pls shout out his name, Jet. Thanks! Ams
· my 13 year old son and i will be locked on. Old skool street hip hop! Volume is on max baby! Gary & reece. Bridgwater.
· nation of millions blew me away in 88 and been playing it ever since...pure class!simon in norfolk.
· Public enemy. I went to see them live at st georges hall in bradford i think it was 1989 i was 19 & they blew me away. I have not listen to the album for years. I can't wait.
· Loving the public enemy!!!!!! It brings back the days of fila trainers, high tops and naf naf jacket!!
· Im a paramedic sat on standby in my response car with the radio on full, loving this bringing back great memories, PE are legends! Buz in hereford.
· i have goose bumps this is such a fantastic album. I bought it when i was fifteen!Tracey hampshire x
· This was one of the most important albums of my youth. Just pure lyrical genius hard hitting without profanity. The tone just summed up my teenage years. I'll be rocking in my tent tonight carp fishing. Nice one zane. James in cambridge
· This album changed music black or white all over the world wicked man chap in lincoln
· My local record store opened at midnight to sell the album - I was first in the Q. Phil in worcestershire.
· Have never heard this album before, i'm findin it hard not to believe the hype!
· Wow man hairs on the back of my neck stood up hearing that. Off the hook. Larry in irvine.
· Getting odd looks as the volumes turned up with the rap sounds pumpin! tim, ambo response paramedic. West country.
· pe changed the way i look at life. the true black cnn. when chuck roars u have 2 listen. don standby stafford
· Public enemy an essential album for all music and big clock enthusiasts in 88!
· SChuck D is jack kerouac's spiritual offspring tony m62
· Woo hoo - here we go, my speakers are gonna find this painful! Zoe xxx
· Chuck d is an intelligent and wise rapper, has there been one since? In not sure P
· The blueprint of ALL hip hop albums. The Beats. The Samples. The Raps. The Nuts. Neil
· public enemy the best punk band since the pistols lovin it shaggy in brum
· Picture the scene. Two slightly overweight mid thirties parents with their 10 and 9 year old's going nuts on the dance floor (kitchen). Bring the noise Ben and Caz
· This album had a message, delivered like an axe through your head. Awesome. Paul in margate.
· This album is still way beyond its time, 20 years old and fresh!
· Unbelieveable! Did anyone else shed a tear? James d. Scotland.

We wanted to know how this album has touched your life.  See some of the comments we received below:

I missed this on the radio - did zane mention that radio 1's own Dave Pearce can be heard on the album? This album is awesome, the very definition of 'wall of sound'. Chuck D drops science, consciousness, politics and pure anger in a way that most of today's mc's will never match. It's a sad state of affairs that hiphop went from this greatness to today's lame, dumbed-down efforts. Fight the power!
Woody, Leicester

When i first heard Nations in my mates car we had to pull the car over it was just too funky.This Album was an Atomic-Bomb landing on the Hip Hop Landscape.See ya at Brixton gig.
Luke North London

I saw PE in Bradford back in 87 prior to this release with 3rd Bass supporting, it was and still is best gig i've ever witnessed and they still kick it as good now as they did then, Bass for your face indeed
Freekster, Leeds

First heard this album when i was 9!!! Been a hardcore hip hop fan scince! One of the best hip hop albums of all time. They dont make them like this no more, instead we get Soldier Boy with crank that, totaly makes me want to cry.
Ravi, Birmingham

Growing up whiter than white in a small white town in Scotland I had been a fan of Black music since sugarhill surfaced I spent my adolescent years listening to ska, 2tone and James Brown (amongst loads of others). This came out when I had just hit 16, the same summer that acid house entered my conciousness. Suddenly everything made sense and I never looked back. Absolute respect.
Michael Embra

We're not going to see the likes of "It Takes a Nation..." again. Kids today aren't smart enough to appreciate the conscientious work in this album.Something that not only entertains, but delivers serious messages via its medium.
John Wilding, Hull

One word....Awesome!!! this is still the best rap cd ever!!!! First heard on PE on the Def Jam Kicks Vol1 LP, then bought Yo! Bum Rush The Show!!!..I saw PE at Leicester with RUN DMC, Derek B in 1988...This is when rap was never played on the radio/tv!!! Also alot of troubles at these gigs....i even organised a school trip to see PE!!! Remember the badges that were sewn on the coats with the bid PE targets???Forget your 50 Cent, Kanye West and Eminem...this is proper rap music!! Long live Public Enemy!!! I will never get bored of this album...the best!!!!
Steve, Leicester

I first bought Yo bum rush the show in 1987 and went to see Public Enemy supporting LL Cool J and Eric B. They are one of the most important and influencial groups in the last 20 years. It takes a nation is a modern day classic
Ed Nottingham

Public Enemy...the ultimate WALL OF SOUND!! Where's my uzi......
Scott ,North Cornwall

Best hip hop album ever. Heard "Rebel without a pause" on the Radio One chart show around '87-88 and thought "I've never heard anything like this". One of the few unmixed albums I can listen to from start to finish. Still sounds fresh. I envy anyone hearing this for the first time.
Benny Hell, Durham

Bring back 1988. The Greatest year for Hip Hop.Public Enemy, EPMD, Eric B & Rakim, Boogie Down Productions, Run DMC, Stetsasonic, Ice T, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J... the list goes on..Hip Hop needs to go back to it's roots.It takes a nation... TRUE HIP HOP MASTERPIECE.
Steve, Liverpool

I always had a soft spot for the RAW debut album Yo Bum Rush The Show as my favourite slice of PE. I can remember picking up Nation Of Millions vividly. I was supposed to be on a school trip. I recall it was supposed to be a Sixth Form induction day in our fifth year and we were set a challenge to answer a number of questions about London armed only with a travelcard and then go to a West End show (42nd Street I believe although that was well down my list of priorities for the day). As our little team had 29 out of 30 answered on the coach into town we pretty much had all day free so I buggered off for a couple of hours of shopping and picked up the LP on import. There is nothing worse than having the hottest record tucked under your sleeve at 11 in the morning knowing you won't be near a turntable until well after 11 that night! The entire journey home was spent poring over the extensive sleeve notes and lyrics desperate to get it on my decks. That kind of experience is lost in these high bandwidth, instant access days but I remember every detail 20 years down the line.
Shep, Camberley

Yeeeeah Bwoy!! I used to put my boogie box on my windowsill and blast this across Camden St, Belfast in '88. The crusties next door were down with the programme
Sean, Enniskillen


When the Apocalypse comes and God cracks open the sky to announce the end of the world, he'll sound exactly like Chuck D.
E, Leipzig Germany

YEAH BOYYYYYEEEEE - Loving this show and the respect so many are paying to a truly life changing album. I can be proud in saying I saw the Def Jam tour with PE, Run DMC & Beaties at Hammersmith with a busted foot on crutches with my bro Rol & his mate Simon. I remember the b*ll*x media shouting about stabbings afterwards as with loads of Hip Hop (and Urban ever since) but I was a right target and just had a best life changing night. BTW true story - a girl I was sort of seeing got off with Chuck D at a party at this time (skeeza!) and got him to ring me on my mum & dad's home phone - spoke to him, freaked out and best thing she ever did for me ;-) This album set me on a track to where I am today - believe in your crew, cut out the extremists, play the media and fight the power!The beats on this still hold up to all the power of tech in the last 20 years - it's the energy that moves it and the pure fight. Call it politics and then look at the w*nk3rs we have to vote for now and think why the people aren't feeling politics for the last 20 years.So to all those feeling this awesome piece of wax (yes that's what it was then) and still there in 2008 knowing how this matters.My wife don't get it but I love her all the same :-)
Graz d Hat, Shoreditch

As Flavor said on the word when Amanda de Cadenet presented him with a new clock to put round his neck,Yeah boyeeeee, i keep ma clock round ma neck so i know wot time it is boyeeee!Yo chuck kick it to em man!Respect is most definately due to the pioneers of hip hop & all the other music genres that samples all of PE'S beats & baselines.Awesome band truely awesome!
Justinio - London

Wasn't into HipHop abck in '88 but Zane convinced me to give this a go tonight. I'm only left with one word, WoW!
Chippie, Bradford

Public Enemy are without a doubt the most Important Hiphop group Of All Time.."Nation Of Millions" along with "Critical Beatdown" by Ultramagnetic Mcs is the Greatest Hiphop Album of All Time.. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh Bwoooooyeeeeee.Cant wait till May 26th to see them Live for the 4th time..
Mr CRF ,Manchester

I remember listening to Radio 1 the Friday before it was released and Jeff Young did a special edition of The Big Beat show (the pre-cursor to the Essential Selection) by playing loads of the tracks. I was 12, playing tennis with my cousin listening to it on a boombox... definitely one of the best records ever made.
Ostrich, Leicester

Wow...I saw PE at the UEA in 91 and the memories just keep coming...I have this london concert footage on VHS and still watch it. Awesome
Dave - Thetford

I've followed this group ever since their first release "Public Enemy No.1".Like 'Marco. South London.',I saw them on the Run DMC tour in Cardiff.First concert I ever went to and one I will never forget.Unfortunately,P.E.'s albums haven't been able to match the power of this one (in my view).Along with many other old school artists(Big Daddy Kane,Eric B. and Rakim etc)the so called rap artists of today have a lot to live up to.This album has truly stood the test of time.RESPECT IS DUE!!!!
Craig , Bristol

This is a great album, so glad to be listening to it now. Greatest rap album ever? I cannot disagree, probably so, greatest album ever? It certainly ranks amongst them. Only thing is....Lyrics about social conscience, political awareness and protest is not new, and was not new in '88. "Men and women, Young and old, OUt on the streets, Homeless, Does the system, Does the system, Does the system work?" Discharge (Does the system work?) Why? 1981, for example.
Simon, Southampton

Mikey, Nottingham

Truly awesome!!!!! Saw PE in Bournemouth with LL Cool J and in Camden with EPMD and Stetsasonic - Life changing!! Used to be my Mum telling me to turn it down - now it's my kids!
Karen Southampton

Turned on my radio and thought the revolution had started, this is LP makes me feel the same way as 40 year olds when they hear London Calling.Went to see them perform this LP at Brixton with 3rd Bass 1992, gonna see them do it all again at the end of this month. It will be for the 10th time.So funny that Dave Pearce is on it.PE No1
Marc, South London

Still get the shivers from the raw energy from PE some 20 years on. Nothing has beat this and nothing will. Kill my dog, I'm gonna slay yo cat....
Jon Notingham

This is the nuts, still sounds great. but my wife cant see it The best Hip Hop Album Ever!!!!
dougie, manchester

yes,the best hip hop album ever.i was at the hammersmith odeon when they recorded the live sections from the was part of the def jam tour,public enemy opened the show,absailing on to the stage,massive!eric b rakim followed then ll cool j top show and PE blew it away
david rees,egypt

Quite simply the greatest hip hop album ever without doubt.
Jon Husler, Scarborough

What an album. Bought it with my pocket money when it was first released on tape. Still have it in the car and play it today. Really blew me away with all the samples and the brilliant tunes. The first album to get me into hip hop and rap. Awesome Zane, just awesome
Andy Ward , Herefordshire

P.E. are in the house, it sounds as good now as it 20 years ago. I saw them in Bradford with 3rd bass. I was shocked not at gig at the fact that i was the first time i had to pay £10 for the ticket.......... Bargin. Channel zero, slayer riffs to die for...........
roger, yorkshire

Never really listened to public enemy before but decided to give them a chance. Blown away by the beats and intelligence of the lyrics. Wouldn't usually listen to anything like this but this has impressed me so much.
Alexander, Cheshire

This album truly changed my perception of music and also my way of life coupled with the way i thought about music, it was the first record i ever brought and opened my eyes to rap and mix.Thanks goes out to NWA for the follow up mixes and tunes.I still have this cd in my cars sony 10 packFaith to you!!!
Pete Northants

remebering back to when i was 16 hearing this album for first time, a bang going off inside your head. was a fan from first album Bum rush the show. PE are need in your lives.....
Dee, Luton,

remebering back to when i was 16 hearing this album for first time, a bang going off inside your head. was a fan from first album Bum rush the show. PE are need in your lives.....
Dee, Luton,


brought the album when i was 16 years old, what a kick-ass## album totaly love it the one of the best rap groups of all time!!! no-one can ever come near to them thank loads!!!!!!!!!!!! nice one zane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dave mumford,norfolk!!!!!!!

this album made me an angry young man im 38 not still angry as ever if an album can change your direction in life this one did 4 me some things you carry with you for ever boom
joolz peterbrough

this album still sounds great 20yrs on i grew up on this it is apure classic and deserves its place on this show tonight
tim kent

The best by miles... Yo! Bum Rush The Show captured my attention and It Takes A Nation Of Millions kept it with them until this very day. They are the No.1 Hip Hop/Rap group of all time. Still going strong but kept out of the limelight in a world that's become far to politically correct. Seen them 2 years ago at The Carling Academy, Glasgow. Walked away empowered, ears ringing and shouting YEEAAAHHHH BOYYYYEEEE at all is passed on the way home. All the young and so called hip hop/rap fans should listen and learn to this and many other albums from the same era.AUDI 5000 Gee
Colin (M C OUTLAW) Kirkintilloch, Glasgow

cain from nottingham

i saw them in brixton, frist uk tour would take ablum to partys and take over !!!!!way ahead of they time and what a great sound i dare anyone dis this ( as an old timer now i still have cd in car and play it on the way to work great show
mel somerset

Heard this album when it 1st came out in 1988. Got a copy on cassette from my cousin back in Trinidad. Cant believe its been 20yrs. Best Hip-Hop Album ever.
Raj - Doncaster

seen them several times.. i've been waiting to hear this since i heard it was one of the masterpieces.They have got to be one of the best live bands.In their 40's and got more energy than most teenage bands around!supercalifragilisticexpigalazooki( you can put that in your dont know i said book)
stuart price, lancs

The greatest album ever. "Rebels Without a Pause" still sends a shiver down my spine after nearly twenty years of listening to it. Chuck D's lyrics struck a chord with me and went a long way to shaping the person I am today. Musically there has been nothing like it before or since. Masterpiece.
Duncan, Ayrshire

The sheer pace of "Bring The Noise" is still stunning today. "Radio stations, I question their blackness, they call themselves black but we'll see if they play this!"
Paul, Tring

In my opinion the best lp ever but still suprised its in the list rap is not always taken seriously by music due to lesser but much more 'pop'ular acts. Got this LP after seeing P.E support Run Dmc in Leicester. I still listen to it at least twice a week no rap Lp since comes close every track a Masterpeice each one a story on in its own right (apart from flav's humourous distraction which is still a great track) but together pure perfection. Looking forward to seeing them again in Cambridge performing this LP.Zane thanks you truly are genius for selecting this one(should have been last time)
Adrian Hall, Nuneaton

Lee, York

As a review put many years ago in the now defunct SELECT magazine, "Like a bomb going off in my teenage bedroom!"Pure genius.
Harry - Corsham - Wiltshire

I must've seen PE on the same tour as Rob G. Awesome. Never mind one of the best Hip-Hop albums or one of the most influential albums. "It Takes A Nation..." doesn't need any such qualification. It is THE best album of all time. It was a true privilege to be a young man during Hip-Hop's golden era. PE led the way but few could follow and we now have the truly tragic state that Hip-Hop currently finds itself in. I took a look at The 1Xtra Hip Hop Top 10 and nearly wet myself laughing.
Run TMC, Darlo

Was into KRS One back in the day until PE burst onto the scene, there music blew me away! Rebel without a pause used to go down a storm when Westwood played it at Prestatyn Soul Weekender. Bought everything from start to finish they did. I was a Basshead !!! many have tried to emulate , there is only one PE !!!! Peace...........
Tony, Stevenage....The mighty Boro !!!

The only album I've ever owned on three formats: Vinyl, cassette and CD.
Nobby D, Oxford

P.E. paved the way for political rap but in all of this we must mention the men behind the music, The Bomb Squad. These guys gave them that signature sound, there was an urgency in the way they sampled. Not before or since has the art of sampling been mastered to this degree. They were able to take sounds from everywhere, popular and obscure to paint a backdrop that gave us some of Hip Hop's most memorable offerings. Timeless music! Where are today's "Public Enemies"?
Steve H - London

One of the best albums of all time. I bought this on cassette when I was 13/14 and played it on my new beatbox on loop (auto reverse). It played constantly all day for 7 days of an adventure camp I was on. I'm 34 now and it's still one of my most played cd's.
John Fletcher, Manchester.

Believe the hype, this is a truly astonishing album which has a lot to say about the politics of race in the US today.
R Johnson in Birmingham

Believe the hype, this is a truly astonishing album which has a lot to say about the politics of race in the US today.
R Johnson

I first heard the tapes to this LP through a 3rd party close to P.E.'s production team a few months before its release. It literally just blew me away. Nothing, within the genre of rap, comes close or ever will as today's artists lack the social and political consciousness of P.E. Innovative production and sometimes frightening eerie sounds topped with Chuck D's deep vocals add to the atmosphere and realism to this album. Saw them live at Hammersmith, Brixton and London Arena back in the 80's and they stormed ever show. Shame that today's youth have completely missed the message and are drawn to such timewasters as 50 "No" Sense etc.!!
Pete M - London

I have to agree with all the comments above. This was one of the first albums I ever bought back in 88 and I still play it regularly to this day. Preety much every track stands up on it's own, but together THIS IS THE BEST RAP ALBUM EVER... it's a shame that modern day Rap has diluted to RnB.. shame on you 'artists'.
Raz, Newcastle

Saw Chuck D at a Trinity University lecture series last year in Texas. Not only is he a great rapper, he is also a supreme modern philosopher who has the ability to relay broad concepts to street level without being dogmatic.Tony Blair spoke in the same series recently. He was was enlightening for different reasons; but can't give the same props to TB b/c his message wasn't reasonating like Chuck D's.Head-to-Head comparison: Chuck D hands down. Chuck D for EU President!
Andrew B; San Antonio Texas

Don't forget Professor Griff!!!!
Jamie Luton

God to see you have a classic rap album on this. Seeing as rap has become the most dominant genre on charts it was a bit insulting you had 4 rock albums last year but no rap albums. I suggest soul albums as well cause rocks impact is limited compared to soul.
Mike, london

yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh boyyyyyyy ! truly 1 of the baddest hip hop albums ever , still chuckin it til this day
Warrior , Gloucester

public enemy is da bomb , i mean the best.
dale evans

yo bum rush the show bought public enemy to my attention whilst at school,when they dropped this it changed everything and i was lucky enough to see them perform in 1988 at demontfort hall in ,leicester.un f***ing believable! terminator x was the reason i became a dj,ABSOLUTE CLASS
chris long, leicester

Man the drums on this record are amazing the use of samples paved the way for most hip hop drum and bass and even the hard dirty electro sounds that we hear today. It was like somehow Public Enemy at the time had captured Rave house hip hop and social issues in one album. It made them massive in the uk am made me hunger for a Troop TracKsuit at the time. A guy from a tiny town in Norfolk who didn't know to much about black politics but this lead me to listen to tribe called quest and other ace hip hop. It made me think about a bit more than just my daily life in boring sleepy Norfolk.
Nick Stapleton


I agree with fellow PE fans that 'It takes a Nation..' is a better Album. But with monsters like Bring the noise and Black steel in the Hour of Chaos it can't be ignored. I had the honour of seeing them live back in 2002 and they are without question one of the best groups Live. I do also feel if you have to mention N.W.A. Straight out of Compton. This was the first and still one of the best Ganster albums of all time.
Ben, London

I saw the same tour mentioned above with Run DMC, P.E and Derek B.In fact, I saw it twice. I saw it in London and also in South Wales, Newport centre I believe, as I was a student in Cardiff at the time.I now have teenage step children. I played this album in the car last Summer and it blew their minds.
Marco. South London.

Brought it with my first student loan chq in '99! It blew me away and still does! It was exaclty what was missing form music then, (And still ot this day!)passion, great lyrics that ment somthing, and amazing tunes. A ture masterpiece! Of coarse it's also westwoods finest moment! Too many people today have no idea who public enemy are, all they get to see is flav on his silly mtv show. nice one zane, the world needs to hear this to tell them what time it is....
Rob Payne, Hemel Hempstead

P.E. started the movement of positivity toward self knowledge and awareness of social and governmental involvement in our lives - "no matter what the name, wer'e all the same, pieces in one big chess game" - Rebel without a pause.
Gravity in High Wycombe

I was 'Count Down to Armageddon'. Without a doubt the most influential band of the era. It's about time the hiphop (not rap) music got the credit it has deserved.
Steve, Brighton

The most amazing, hard-hitting, politically charged album ever, of any genre. Changed the whole landscape of hip hop and still permeates music to this day. Bought this classic album on its release & i still regularly play it now 20 years later. A true classic.
MASS, Grimsby

I'm so glad that this P.E album is being celebrated. For me 'It Takes A Nation..' is the most influential album in HipHop as well as the most influential album of the 80's & 90's. Not just influencing Hip Hop but also Rock, Indie Rock and Dance music in the UK. At the time, it had everything.. great beats, great samples, awesome scratching by Terminator X and a wall of sound & noise that had never been heard like that before in Hip Hop production. Add to that Chuck D's ever commanding vocal presents and uncompromising politically charged lyrics with Flava Flav and the S1Ws as a kind of Call and Response. It was like a gigantic wake up call. I bought this album on US import when it first came out and never tiered of listening to it from the opening intro to final track. Admittedly, the album sounds a little dated now due to the recording techniques of the time and also because the sampling will have been recorded in mono(this was pre Akai S1000 for those in the know). Amazingly though 'Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos' is timeless. In fact, if that track was released now, it would still hold it's own amongst the HipHop of today.The highlight for me was when i saw PE live at the Leeds Met back in around '88. The legendary Run DMC were the actual headliners and support act was Derek B(remember him anyone..?) PE stole the show completely and they were the real headliners that night. I'll never forget that gig and hearing that album being performed live. I even remember Chuck D asking “are there any skinheads in the house?” which was really funny. For me it was like when people rave on about when they saw Hendrix or Led Zeplin live - SERIOUSLY - It was that good. Public Enemy/Bomb Squad -Nuff Respect !
Rob G, Manchester

This is one of the greatest rap albums of all time.
Justin Green, Sunny Suffolk

This has to be one of the BEST rap albums EVER! I'm lucky enough to have tickets to see Public Enemy performing the album LIVE on their upcoming tour!!!
Martin, South West Scotland

Can't believe its 20 years old!!Bought it on import from Beggers Banquet in Kingston the week it came out.Was on the walkman for ages.
Matt,West Sussex

I bought this album back in '88 and it didn't come out of my boom box the whole summer.This is THE ultimate hip hop album!!
Steve Anderson, Northampton

glad public enemy is there.

I brought Public Enemy's 'It Takes A Nation Of Million's' about 10 years ago, its great to play it all the way through and it still sound brilliant and important today. Chuck D should get a godlike genius award next year
Ben Bradford in Leeds


luvin public enemy tunes listen to the show every day big up zane!!!!!
rahul birmingham

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