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The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths
  1. 39% The Queen Is Dead
  2. 25% Frankly, Mr Shankly
  3. 46% I Know It's Over
  4. 11% Never Had No One Ever
  5. 48% Cemetry Gates
  6. 46% Bigmouth Strikes Again
  7. 25% The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
  8. 20% Vicar In A Tutu
  9. 100% There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
  10. 32% Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

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    • 1. At 10:03pm on 23 Nov 2010, Copping wrote:

      This album is, blimey its hard to find the words to describe this amazing piece of music. The album was a soundtrack for my youth that continues to make me smile now im a grown up. A masterful piece of musical history.

      Neil C

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    • 2. At 3:41pm on 24 Nov 2010, panese wrote:

      The Smiths saved music for me in the 80s. When all we were fed were a daily diet of 'new romantics' or tasteless 'star trekkin' etc they became a beacon of real music from which a lot of modern bands would never have happened if it wasn't for them. The Queen is Dead is the best of their albums and is rightly always placed highly on these top 100 albums of all time polls.

      I listen to this album all the time and it never tires, nevers gets dull or seems dated. To all those people who say the Smiths are boring and make me want to kill myself have quite clearly never listened to The Smiths properly. Their songs and quirky, funny, truthful and poetry... yes some are sad and may seem a bit morbid but they write about real life and it is no bed of roses.

      The Smiths will be listened to in hundreds of years time along with The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis Presley, The Stones, Bob Dylan and a few other era defining bands just like Mozart or Beethoven are still listened to today.

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    • 3. At 3:46pm on 24 Nov 2010, Jezz wrote:

      Fantastic....this has been a companion since its release in 1986, vinyl, Tape, CD and now MP3, It evokes memories of those days in the students union, studying in the halls of residence and watching them live at Pompey Guildhall with James as support.....

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    • 4. At 3:46pm on 24 Nov 2010, Adam Diehl wrote:

      Militant. Merciless. Mournful. Maudlin. Majestic. Malevolent. Martyred. Mancunian. Moving. Matchless. Morrissey. Marr. Masterpiece.

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    • 5. At 4:41pm on 24 Nov 2010, Pgreen wrote:

      I queued for this album before the record shop opened, only to sent away when it opened at 9 as they hadn't unpacked it. When i finally got hold of it i played it and it instantly became what is now a lifelong favourite. They are the greatest band ever.

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    • 6. At 6:12pm on 24 Nov 2010, Joseph wrote:

      What time does the actual album start getting played? The countdown is till the start of the show, not the actual playback. Jay-Z didn't start till around 8 last night.

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    • 7. At 6:27pm on 24 Nov 2010, vfbb wrote:

      Fantastic album with some of the funniest one-liners ever written in song lyrics. ♫I'd rather be famous than righteous or holy anyday, anyday anyday♫
      One of my all time favourites and a shining light compared to the rest of the dross in the 80's.

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    • 8. At 7:00pm on 24 Nov 2010, diamil wrote:

      My favourite Smiths album, loving every track, hard to pick a winning track, Frankly Mr Shankly and Cemetry Gates and There is a light that never goes out, See I just can't choose LOL

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    • 9. At 7:00pm on 24 Nov 2010, SweetAndTenderHooligan wrote:

      looking forward to this so much. i'm too young to remember the band but i know their legacy. such beautiful music by a four-piece with delightful pleasantries

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    • 10. At 8:51pm on 24 Nov 2010, dognurse23 wrote:

      This album was saved me from the horrors of teenage life and taught me sarcasm, wit, and the beauty of intelligence. I share my love of The Smiths with millions. This is one commonalty that makes the world a little smaller and more sane!!

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    • 11. At 8:57pm on 24 Nov 2010, FifiR wrote:

      I have been a huge Smiths Fan since around 1985. I am now a 42 year old mother of two, and can say without question that The Smiths are still my favourite band - ever. I've had the complete pleasure of seeing them live 5 times over the years. Memories, amazing memories!!!!!
      The Smiths changed my world forever, for the better!!

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    • 12. At 9:16pm on 24 Nov 2010, berg1903 wrote:

      class stands alone

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    • 13. At 2:25pm on 25 Nov 2010, TEE wrote:

      Not as potent as The Smiths or Meat is Murder though way better than the truly awful Strangeways which I could hardly bear to listen to on its release. The genius of Morrissey, Marr et al is (I feel) better expressed by the melancholy, wit and sound of the first 2 albums. However I do have memories of an intense Queen is Dead live at Brixton when Morrissey stalked the stage armed with a noose. Shame he later resorted to 'meathead' imagery and trying to hang out with then fashionable bands (Cornershop, Blaggers ITA) to rescue his ridiculous comments on race.

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    • 14. At 9:40pm on 25 Nov 2010, BadMelonFarmer wrote:

      Man! This is a real masterpiece!
      There is not a bad track on this album, the songwriting is amazing, they were at their creative best at this time. There may be better individual Smiths songs, but as a whole they fit together to be far better than the sum of their individual parts.
      The production is fantastic, it is one of the few albums that I listen to every six months or so and am blown away every time.
      it really has stood the test of time... all time classic.

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    • 15. At 9:58pm on 25 Nov 2010, gopips wrote:

      One of the Best Smiths Albums ever - It's hard to pick a fav track - I know It's over just pips it for me!
      Never got to see them live though - one of lifes regrets!

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    • 16. At 10:06pm on 25 Nov 2010, Red or Dead wrote:

      Everybody in the world should own and love this album.

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    • 17. At 10:13pm on 25 Nov 2010, Maz wrote:

      One of the best albums ever! Certaimly top 5. I was lucky enough to see them in '84 with James supporting them; incredible! Saw them and Morrissey a few times since. Last one V fest a couple of years ago. Johnny Marr is a true genius, re release this now!

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    • 18. At 10:20pm on 25 Nov 2010, Rotterdamspectator wrote:

      the Queen is dead is possibly the sound track of the 80's for so many now 40+s, I had the Album, and to date I still listen to it from start to finish from the hilarity of Frankly to the tears of there's a light.
      each line is poetry, each chord is perfection and each beat is a maststroke.
      Masterpiece is an over used phrase, does this album compare with the greats like the white Album, Born to Run, Darkside of the Moon, Thriller??
      Well in my ears, eyes and heart yes it is up there, a rich taste of 1980's teenage Britain, But did every body elses first track jump in the intro ??
      all these yeasr on

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    • 19. At 10:26pm on 25 Nov 2010, Lizz147 wrote:

      My favourite album is the Smiths, and the VERY BEST RECORD OF ALL TIME without a doubt is What difference does it make. I could listen to it all day long. Missed Zane Lowe, but will listen now.

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    • 20. At 10:31pm on 25 Nov 2010, louise wrote:

      I listened to The Smiths at a time in my life when i had absolutely nothing to worry about. This gave countless selfish hours to while away the meaning of every word uttered. A time that, now i savor. This was around 1984. Every track resonated some meaning of truth to me in my own life. This was what really kept me captivated intently in Morrissey more than any one else in the band. His take on the world at that time and in the recent past.

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    • 21. At 10:32pm on 25 Nov 2010, Mickey S wrote:

      Obviously a great, classic album - but I like their other 3 studio albums even more. I rate them as follows - 1st Strangeways Here We Come 2nd Meat Is Murder 3rd The Smiths 4th The Queen Is Dead

      Best band of the 80's for me, hands down!!!!!!!

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    • 22. At 11:02pm on 25 Nov 2010, Dom wrote:

      This album will always remind me of school, the beauty of language, and of my girlfriend. I am smiling and crying; all those memories and to top it all what a truly sublime album. Thank you to Zane, to the BBC and The Smiths

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    • 23. At 11:13pm on 25 Nov 2010, averyjd wrote:

      What a fanatstic album. I can remember getting home from the shop and hearing these songs for the first time. Still get shivers when I hear 'Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty'!!!!

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    • 24. At 11:28pm on 25 Nov 2010, chris g wrote:

      what can i say about the smiths? At a time when I loved the cure, the cult, the sisters of mercy it really shook my gothic world up. Such a new style at the time that not everybody got. It blew my mind and my world. 25 yers later I still listen to The Smiths with a smile and the love I originally had. Nothing has ever touched me in the way this album truly did. Thank you so much Mssrs Marr and Morrissey!

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    • 25. At 6:20pm on 26 Nov 2010, JokeySam wrote:

      This album is timeless, I'm seventeen and, like my father before me, i can't stop listening to this album. Every element in this album is masterful and you can tell how much johnny marr worked day and night to make everything pitch perfect not to mention his insane imagination and skill on the guitar. Everything about them gets to me with an incredible range of emotion

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    • 26. At 6:45pm on 06 Dec 2010, bravebern wrote:

      For me it is a toss up between "Meat is Murder" & "The Queen is Dead" depends on my mood - I saw them live in 86 at Brixton - Every track on this album is important to me - it made me cry, laugh, dance wildly and scream - sometimes all at the same time. I am 41 now and still blindly love Mozzer and follow Marr - it is both perfect and tragic they split when they did - Anyway - I am off to reel around a fountain!

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    • 27. At 8:19pm on 27 Dec 2010, Thomasdude wrote:

      Yeah excellent the smiths cover total good band

      was there when i was growing up and if zane hadnt had played it its brings back so many happy memories

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