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Masterpieces Dec 2008

Rage Against The Machine -
Rage Against The Machine - 1992

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine, Album Artwork

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· RATM changed my life 4ever, they influence my outlook on the world and the music I write and listen to. G Renegade. Lincoln.
· I saw Rage at the Ritz in manchester in 93, and it stands as the most amazing, high-energy gig i have ever been to... :-) Cara x x
· Electric guitar plugged and amps cranked for a thrash-along to the mighty rage. jonny in bournemouth. take the power back zane
· The Rage album has never got old! Wld still be as popular if it had been released this year and they were a new band. Damien in batley.
· I was reborn to rage at the age of 12 am now 18 and their music is still my most played on my mp3. getting my self ready to enjoy rage. Josh from norwich
· My mate just asked me if the first rage album is any good. Blinding I replied. As good as what? It has no equal. Bart se7
· You just renewed my respect for radio 1. Got goosebumps all over. Never been happier my mp3 ran out of battery. Wiz, manchester x
· Still got my original cassette from 92, it's been in every car i have owned since. couldn't drive without it. dave in Pitstone.
· Rage are reponsable for every 14 yr old who thinks a che guvara tshirt and beret is a good look, I was one of them. Pat. Salford
· Tune tune tune tune tune tune tune tune tune tune tune tune. Lovin it. 100 times better than revising. Lorna cornwall x
· As soon as killing in the name on began, my spine tingled and hairs stood on end, amazing tunes! - ash from doncaster
· Rage. Surround sound. Full blast. Awesome. Done.
· Oh my god! My face is gonna fall off! Yo we gotta take the power back!
· I used to have hair to rock out to this, now im shaved and wear a suit but still enjoy this dam good masterpiece. Alan from Leeds.
· It is not physically possible to turn this up loud enough
· Just been mugged down memory lane. 2 fingers 2 the world, wheelies everywhere, bullet in the head rockin. life was good.
· You could de-construct every part of this band and all you would be left with is perfect rock and roll. Dunks in Slough.
· After a day of listenin to orders, this album puts a smile on my face. Go rage, tell the machine were not under their thumb! Andy in somerset.
· Backbrae St in kilsyth, Glasgow is rocking to its foundations !!! From tony + stephen ! Yeeehaa !!
· Oh... My... GOD!!! What an album! Converted! You're a leg-end zane. Mike in yeovil
· How one band can fit so many riffs on one album and it not sound disjointed is still a mystery to me. Phil, chelmsford.
· I've just blown my speakers up but i don't care. They have died an honorable death.

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