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Masterpieces Dec 2008

The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation - 1994

The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation, Album Artwork

Zane played out this amazing album in full, with interviews and music of the time.

See the reaction to the album and show tracklistings.

Click on the album tab at the top of this page to watch the video of Zane chatting to The Prodigy.

See the show tracklisings

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· ON BOARD!!! Steve in Edinburgh. Missing rugby training and been waiting on this for weeks!!! COME ON!!! Prodigy rule!!!
· Been waitin all wk for 2nite's show be shout to my main man courtney we're both workin 12 hr nite shift on felixstowe port karl
· I remember having my 1st shave 2 start the dance when it was in the charts. Memorys. ben london
· Zane u have totaly opened my eyes to a whole new world of music cant wait for tonights album from skip in bournemouth
· The wife is out, the stereo volume is on 11 and i'm waiting for prodigy. It doesn't get any better. Robin in wilts
· My creative juices are already on overdrive. What a week you guys have put on. Sam in bristol
· I am the Jilted generation. The music is for me and all my ilk. Ol Sheffield
· Bring me the poison zane! Awaiting the party to get started dude. Exhale! Exhale! Exhale! From cancan in essex.
· The 1st album i eva bought frm in watford wen i was 10. best thing i eva did. Prodigy r legends. luke in Brighton
· Oh zane ! I can't wait . Play it play it play it! Graeme driving very slowly home.
· Hearing No Good in a club in Newquay at 16 started my career as a DJ, wanting to make people move. Still love it today! Dan in Kendal
· This album changed dance music and showed what could be done. Still sounds fresh. 3 kilo's still heavy!
· Crank up the bass and away we go this album stil makes the hairs on back of the stand on end peachie
· Amazing album! Borrowed it off my sister when she first got it and still not given it back! Prodigy rock!
· My speaker system just took a bashing and its only gonna get worse! Arron now on the m25 :)
· Awsome week I've had listening to your materpieces and tonight will just top it by taking me back to when I first saw prodigy at norwich uea in the 90s, Lee in norfolk
· I spent to much time in fields listening to the Gilted generation. It lived in my cars tape player the whole time i was a raver. The best companion any r aver could ask for. Thanks for the memories. Richard swindon.
· I went to a Radio 1 event in Bristol in 94 where Baby D, Chemical Brothers and Prodigy played.. ticket price - £8! Incredible. Ross in Worcs
· My childhood has been full of rave, my sundays would consist of listening to the prodigy while having our roast dinner, those were the days man, bring back the 90's!
· Remember me and my mate jumpin round his bros room as a little nippas 2 poison!!we were only 10 and lovd it!damo stafford
· This show is taking me back to me good old skool times, lovin it, might have to replace my speakers by the end of show, See them live is a must! tez manchester
· Just playing snippets of this track remind me how amazing it is. Thank you zane and radio1 crew for bringing it back! Poison just incredible.Izzy
· I was ten when this first came out it was the first album i ever bought and it sounds as good now as it did when it annoyed my parents all those years ago! Laura southend on sea
· Zane lowe you are a masterpiece in yourself. What a fantastic idea and your choices are nothing short of genius. The prodigy were the first band to make a real influence in my music taste. Thanks 4 being so great! Shelley from barrow x
· This is the best album ive ever heard! THE KINGS OF RAVE! big up Radio1
· Cant wait.Iam 13, love prodigy.Bought stone roses todai. Better than i remembered Emma east kilbride x x x x
· This show is pure class! so too is the prodigy! i can't explain how good this sounds! radio one shines through again. show casing not just new music but the music that led a movement! russ in stoke!
· Tonight's show made me spend quarter of an hour looking for my cd! Forgot i need this as part of my life. Gary k devon.
· Hey bud im a chauffer the mans at a do an im in car waitin 2 rave 2 prodigy great show man. Naeem glasgow
· Pure class. Raveing in a hospital bed with massive crin watching nurses danceing. Thanks zane. Simon in Kettering hos.
· A quality show with a great group. Top music takes me back to my hayday. Cheers stuart in ipswich
· Radio 1 is a god amongst other radio stations. National treasure. Kieron. Bournemouth.
· What a show tonight! New love for The Prodigy, radio one is great company for revision for my mocks this week! Love this show! Lexie in pembrokeshire
· Yes yes yes yes!!! Tom in hadleigh
· Hi zane great show,forget all the masterpieces you have done or are going to do in the future,this is the the mona lisa of albums,one of the best ever ma de!! Gav from burton
· I deserve to be punished for never owning this album! Surely it counts as a sin! Guess what im asking for from Santa this year!
· When jilted came out I put it on my walkman and sat in the middle of Manchester on a saturday afternoon on my own watchin the madness. Bliss. Tony
· They should be law. This is the album of supreme tune. Brendan & Molly, Brighton.
· Prodigy. Nothing else even comes close. Tibs in mboro.
· Thankyou zane thankyou prodigy tonight you have re affirmed my faith in being part of the uk dance generation. Terry in thatc ham berks
· I've just realised the enormity of this whole concept i'm listening to this amazing album on my own but not on my own. Millions of others are feeling what i'm feeling now every tune brings back amazing memories zane the prodigy legends massive respect to you all rich fulham
· Zane, this album is by far the best masterpiece so far, its a flawless album that sounds as fresh today as the day it came out! Much respect.
· Altogether now 'pulsating rhythmical remedy'
· Zane wot an album best radio show ever, ya boy billy mack!
· Empty train carriage, me dancin like a lunatic! Thanks zane! Scott
· What a way to finish the week! This is awesome! Anthony. Northern ireland.
· Liams a genius. rave on. matt leicester
· Really really enjoyed this week Zane. Thanks for all the hard work. Siamese Dream for next years then? Dom Hartlepool
· Truely awsome. Thanks Zane what a way 2 end the day. 70 mins of magic. Cant wait 4 their new album.
· wow wot a wk!u av my most deepest respect Zane,already lvd the albums but am so pleased u av reached out2so many others thank u

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