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Radio 1 and Zane Lowe are proud and excited to have the global exclusive on the new Hadouken! video. 

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COOOOOOOl, I love rock music! real good song, and video!

wow, very different but yeh wow (Y)

Jess in london
think its ok. lyrics are very good. but can get a bit built up in times. not really my scene.

Tim Wirral
Amazing song and a superb video, simple effects put to great use.

Liam, huntingdon
there videos get better and better woth this director the editing is ammence!

Fletch - OXON
nice work fellas, bit different from theyre other 2 vids. less grimey sound, still loving it. They're gonna be biiiiiig

Zoe, UK
I love this track its really grown on me :]and the effects on the video are pretty damn slick.I just wish I wasn't in Paris when they're playing the S'hampton gig..

Hannah, Kent
Hadouken..they're just fantastic. Leap of Faith is so different yet amazing. ^^

im a fan but this is really disappointing. wheres the grime/pop/glitch mash-up? i'm all for bands progressing but this is soft nu-metal with a bit of synth and some seriously misjudged vocals. sorry to be a downer but i expected more. the video is ok but just a very 'average video'. you can do so much better. dont follow the klaxons down the soft rock/pop route its a cop out. stick it to us like you know how to!

Martin C in SW Scotland
Hadouken are back with a brilliant tune. The louder the better

kieren, devon
wow!!! i love all hadouken songs and this just tops them all. i cant wait to see them in exter 30th of this month.... they better do this song....kieren

Talia, Newport Beach, CA - USA
I absolutely LOVE Hadouken! They've been one of my fave bands for the past 6 months. And they have really done a great job with this one. That boy that girl is still my faveorite video, but this one is definitely second.

zhar, auckland new zealand
For some reason I really dig your music, and since finding out about the band I have even seen another big name come to NZ and do a remix of one of your tracks. Refreshing to see youth with such talent

Christine - FL, USA!
I love everything Hadouken puts into the world, and this is no exception! It started off really alternative rockish, which made me worried that the band had changed their sound! But soon enough, the signature H! techno beeps and clicks came in and eased my troubled mind. I love it! The video is very creative and makes me appreciate neon colours.

james, 20, kent
this is proper ace.really cant wait to see them now in astoria.gonna be hectic

Feras - Bahrain
Wow !!! This song is somthing it sounds abit diffrent its more like hard - fi & lost prophets style the music is reallly good . I wish they could make it to number 1 in da chart show all the best .....

Josh, United States
Ooh, budget. Hopefully that major label debut album is in the near future! Will definitely be buying.

ami from donchavster
tis abit cool and gravy like all hadouken! stuff...but i think i like their other vids and songs better..tbh. with love and respect guys [ =D i saw you at the leadmill ]xoxoxo - ami

mimi, herts
hadouken! are actually amazing. the best thing since sliced bread, infact better than sliced bread, much better hehe. i love them sooo much and this video is rediculously awesome!

vikki leeds
nice to see they've got out of the whole 'glow stick nu-rave thing' this new sound sounds good. way better than old stuff. videos abit snazzy too

Dom in Wheathampstead Herts
That video is immense i love the glowing spit like wen i bit a glowstick at ur gig on sunday!!lol u guys pwn, well done likin that tune even if it is differnet was well gd live n all xxxxxxxxxxx

Luke - Derby
Great video! Seen these guys live a few weeks ago, and I think with the release of "Leap Of Faith" Hadouken! could finally be breaking into the big time.

Shizza Reading
That was amazing I wouldn't guess it was HADOUKEN! WOOOOOOO nice.Very addictive.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Alex, Peterborough
Saw these yesterday!Awesome band, Awesome video.

Dan Cambridge
I saw these live last night with late on the pier and the whip supporting it was amazing!!!! Hadouken are deffinatly on the road to greatness.

Emily, Lossiemouth
The song is a concentrate of a guitar on acid and electronics gone wild. The video has elements of the “attack” video by 30 Seconds to Mars, but carries it off much better! Hadouken! have come up trumps again – just like Liquid Lives and That Boy That Girl, it is original and witty! H! rock my socks. 4va

Niamh, Glasgow
I think I preferred the rapping. That didn't sound like Hadouken!

Lenny In Caldicot
Love Hadouken This Is Kinda New & Different But I Love It You Still Know Its Hadouken& They Dont Disappoint [sp?]Cant Wait To Them On The 21stWell Done GuysLove It

nicci in liverpool
YESSSSSSSSSS!i like it coz its simplistic but its got that neon rave factor!! ^-^ boss video guys you look proper 'amaze'!

Charlie, Milton Keynes
The song's quite good although it's not as danceable as their other stuff. The video gets very cool towards the end, but it should have happened sooner, because it looks a bit budget!

Mark, Manchester
Hadouken! rock my fetch topman socks. Its nothing at all like there other stuff, its less grime more rock.but i love it! xD

Francesco from london
I thought the video was great. The song is so much darker than usual Hadouken! though. Good anyway =)

Alice, London.
This song is good, but I think for Hadouken! they can do so much better, because they have. This song would make me dance, but not in a mad and crazy way like their other ones do. I do love Hadouken! because they brought me back to loving electronica/dance music but I think this song is pretty weak for them.

Kevin, London
Its Pure Genius, LUV THE PURPLE!!!HADOUKEN! are the british band of the year, without a doubt

hannah oxfordshire
i was just about to cry! i thought they'd ditched the whole nu rave thing and gone emo!! but then the colour came lol i was sooo releived! xxx

saw them saturday night and they were amazing. love it

Sophie, Norfolk
Omg when i didnt think today could get any better....... IT JUST DID!!I LOVE HADOUKEN!!CANT WAIT TO GO SEE THEM 7TH NOVEMBER HERE I COMEXXXXXXXX

katie ,rotherham
fekin amazing! nice colours cud hav beenn abit more neon tho but all in all anutha awsome vid from h!

Fern, Sheffield
one word...WOW. I saw these afew weeks back at the leadmill it was amazing

Chelsea - Portsmouth
Hadouken are actually amazingthey were awesome on Friday nightand there new song is aceLeap of faith

CannerZ in Northern Ireland
Its a change from the past Hadouken tunes. I like it. Alot.

Joey In London
This is awesome! Love the wings!

Danny C, Hampshire
A simple video along with a few hints of the bright colours that hadouken! are known and loved for.

Nath, Stoke
I think it's a good video what suits the song really well. It maintains that homemade sort of feel, while still coming across as being a well-constructed effort.

Saw you at reading festival, but this is not as good but your still awesome

Amy nr. oxford
Looks like someone had a lot of fun using Paint. But it doesn't matter because chris is uber hot so all is well!

Melissa - Droitwich
I thought the video was ace !!!Hadouken! are the best indie nu rave bandLove itt ! =)

steph from bristol
interesting, it seems to prove that they aren't all this 'nu rave' its quite a different style and theres a distinct lack of colour. i like it: )

Alex, Weymouth
I looove Its well Cool!The Purple bits are the bestCant Wait Till Halloween!

This guys are mega awesome!!There music rocks!!!It's gonna take over the world!!Hadouken!!

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