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Adele in her kitchen, by Kate Merrick
Adele Free Download

Adele recorded a session for Zane Lowe this week, and we're excited to be able to offer a track from the session free to download.

Click here to download "Hometown Glory" recorded live at Maida Vale studios for Radio 1 (help downloading an MP3 file). 





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Read what others have said..

Rose,West Cumbria.
This song takes me to another place. Out of this world. xx

Beth, Croydon
incredible! and she came across as a really funny normal girl in the interview too! well done for bringing us another great artist zane!!

Ricky, York
I've never heard anything quite like it. Something so pure and beautiful. Thank you Radio 1 for bringing Adele to all our ears.

Nicky Preston, Kensington
I rather enjoyed this musical track but sister in law is really passionate about it.

This song is awsome zane cheers for the download i've played it over and over again and it makes me want to cry!! =] xx

Sambo Norfolk
Truly awesome beautiful track & free download what a BONUS!

Adele's mum, london
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud!! heart stealer x

Nadine NI
Brilliant song, talented girl. Can't wait to hear more stuff.

Jess, Burnham-on-sea
hey hey, that song is definatly something to be pround of! You have a beautiful voice and I'm sure you'll get as far as the rainbow!All the best Jess x-x-x

paul reading
she,s got that die for husky winehouse tone at times ummmmmh.

Baz, Stourbridge
Great can't believe it's live. This girls going to go far. Adele love the song x

Emily, Northampton Uni
O my gosh, Adele's voice is so beautiful! Heard this song for the first time today in my class, it inspired me to keep workin.

smash hucknell
nice words

I'm addicted! Really refeshing, can't get enough x

Daniel Hall Derbyshire
Shes amazin i lve her music and her, no i really lve her

kibriya, Oxford
AMAZING!! =] thanks for the free download zane

Kirsty , Devon
Really moves me, she does have an amazing voice and I never get sick of hearing this .

Helen Karniewicz
I love it!

Allie, Glasgow
I thought this was totally amazing when I heard it - I've already got my order in for her album (out Jan next year I think!) Absolutely beautiful!

Craig From the wonderfull Lundin Links in Scotland
Great tune ! really brought a smile to my face !

anna warwickshire
luvin this!! <3 <3xxx

Emma, Northamptonshire
such a beautiful song, she has a fantastic voice, love it! xx

jazz, bham
free download!!!!!!!!! and what a track - love hometown glory - love adele, im now a huge fan

Andy The Throat, Grimsby
Good song but every time I hear the intro I want to sing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey."Just a small town boy, born and raised in South Detroit" go on try it, you know I'm right.

Ab gr8 love the track keep it coming zane!!

home town glorynot my usual taste but i absolutly love it! keep on the good work

Jess, Keele University
what a voice....what a song, best of the year. Can't wait to hear more from Adele!

Eden Project in Cornwall
Just beautiful... lightens my soul... thanks Adele for sharing your gift, and cheers R1 for bringing it to my ears. Loadz of love to you all, Knowlesy x

Joe Monte-Colombo, Hertfordshire
Im a Massive fan of Adele and have been for nearly a year now and haven't stopped banging on about her to people since. She IS an AMAZING talent and a great girl too. A voice and an Artist to cherish and behold.The live track was nothing short of Stunning. Daydreamer is one of my favourite songs of all time and that was unbelievable too. It is ALWAYS in my head, that song.Take care all.

jack Gullachsen, worcestershire
Adele has got a fantastic voice, a real mix but so soulful and believable, just beautiful! cant wait to hear more

Amer London
Beautifully simple!

Simon, Westward Ho!
Thats a stunning track, thankyou. Look forward to beingf able to hear & buy the upcoming album.

Sam, soton
This song is amazing sooooo sweet i love it!

harriet, kettering
"AMAZING"thank youxx

Andrew in Glasgow
Superb! Adele's voice makes me weak at the knees and tugs at my heart strings - love it

Alice, North Cambridge
Recently played at my friend's funeral, helped me get through it. Massive respect for Adele.Love the song, and a couple of others I have heard. cant wait for the album in Feb.A xx

love it! thanks for the download zane, can't wait til the album comes out!

Luke, Worcester
Bursting with pride love, you nailed it x

Anthony, Bromley
wow, what an amaing young voice and brilliant track.looking forward to hearing more from this girl soon!

alice stanners
that was the most beautiful thing i have ever heard.

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