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Bloc Party
Bloc Party Video

We are proud to bring to you the new video from Bloc Party before anybody else in the world

"The Prayer" is the first single from the new Bloc Party album, 'A Weekend In The City'.

The video is the first video in several years from Walter Stern, legendary director of The Prodigy’s "Firestarter", The Verve’s "Bitter Sweet Symphony" and Massive Attack’s "Teardrop"

The video was shot in London’s east end and follows the band over the course of an evening in a London nightclub.

Watch the Bloc Party video in Real or Windows Media

Read what others have said..

Rae, Harlem
This video is massive! All the bloc boys look so hot!

Bob, Huntingdon
...Theres only one Bloc!! Video is a trip and song furthermore! bring on that bloody album!

Fred, Toulouse
I wake up with this song today. And i feel happy sexy and all along the day i sing this song!!! I wait the new album!

Nick Turnbull - Canterbury, Kent, UK
Um, the audio quality of the track on here is a bit off though... Why? Video is a bit dull.

Chris, Glasgow
Sounds like the guys have outdone themselves again, cant wait till the come to glasgow...TOTAL GENIUS!!!!!

Leigh, Toronto
Awesome Song, Awesome Video, Awesome Band I can't wait to hear more from their new album!

suchi, austria
its def. a grower, but i miss Silent Alarm .... still cant wait to hear WITC tho .... lol, yea, i was thinking 'is it special effects, or does my internet connection really suck?' russ is so cute

Joel, Leicester
Buff Song, Buff Band, Buff Album

Olly, London
Pure genious...track and video! Only the best from Bloc Party!

Marcin Kielce-Poland
wow, i love this drums!

Ian, York, UK
Been a massive fan of bloc party since there early days, am not too keen on this new sound of there's. video's great but if the album sounds like this then its a turn for the worst!

Chris, Manchester
Love the vid. Not too sure about the track.

Mike, Toronto
Great Track + Chicks making out in the video = Good Times!

edith bowman

Oeles, Brazil
All wonderful: track - video - BBC Radio 1.

Kate - Birmingham
brilliant! cant wait for the album.

Tony, London
Sweet tune, cant wait to hear the rest of there new stuff. Still playing the old one like its new at the moment. Really hope they do well with it.

tristan heanue, derryinver
amazing band, amazing track, amazing video, AMAZING COMEBACK...........................

Phil, Northampton
Love the song. Very unusual drum beat which is cool. The video just makes me think they like burning things and that they're taking too much acid (which I'm sure is not true). I liked it though ;-p


Alex, Derbyshire
Bloc Party are the best, the video petrays the song quite well but i thought it could of been a bit more lively, the song is class and the band has matured, BLOC PARTY GODS

Paddy, Lancaster
brilliant video and brilliant track, cant wait for the album, if it's even half as good as Silent Alarm i'll be a happy guy

Simon makosz, Sandhurst
Amazing, not sure on the video but the track is has a real dirty underground feel to it,LOVE it! the kinda song you put on before you go out!

Brad - Surrey
A distorted dark retro video - Wasn't what i was expecting - The track gets better everytime i listen to it - BLOC PARTY love 'em!

Ian, Oxford
the track is definately a grower, gets better with every listen. bloc party are the most innovative band around by far.

Ally, Mile end
I didn't think they'd top silent alarm... how wrong I was!!!! The videos great and set in a favourite bar of mine just off brick lane!

Daniel, Huddersfield
The song rocks, and the video turns from dull to brilliant.

Paul, Bristol
The song & video build up nicely and about 2 thirds of the way through you get sucked in by the subtle effects and marching beat. Nice one!

kenny, london
the video is amazing.. especially the guy with the stretchy face.. he's my man!

Dave, Peterborough
love it, Blooc Party gold

Tim, Australia
The Track and Video are amazing Bloc Party are gods I Love Em, they need to come back to Aus. Cheers

afroT, London
great video, nice tune indeed...

Joe , New Romney, Kent
The track is awesome don't think to video quite portrays this though.

Martin S.Wales
Great video, the track seems a lot darker than the tunes of their first album. First impressions are that it's a good track, I hope it is a grower as I loved the first album

Alex, SOT
Sounds Great!

Darren Coe, Sandhurst
loving Bloc Party still, as they still deliver the goods to our ears

Helen, Newbury
Love it & totally mesmerised by the video. Its exactly how I view the world after a few bevs.

Rule, Mexico City, Mexico
GREAT band, i think the video is AWESOME, it's different to what they've been doing all this time!! is good to try new stuff i think!

Aaron, Milton Keynes
Great song, Good video, not surprising considering there track record. Cant wait to hear the rest of the album.

Fatima, USA
Awesome video! I completely love it! It could not have been better! Fantastic video. It made my day and night as well. MATT, you are looking hot as always!

stan, pittsburgh, PA
awesome, just awesome

Hannah North Carolina
missed them on tour through illness but my god they'v made up for it with this

Aya, Ottawa Canada
I really enjoyed the video..and I agree that the special effects add to it. Nice first single and video!

Nick, Guildford
interesting video considering their previous ones. wasnt sure what to make of it before i read above that its from the same guy who brought us the amazing video for teardrop. now it makes slightly more sense and really does go with the song for a really moody feel.

Ryan, Chicago
Great video, kinda bummed they don't show them playing their instruments but still a great, great video. Rock on Bloc Party.

Osi, Oklahoma
It's great. I can't wait to get the new album or watch any more of the band's videos. I love the fact that they still have the same sound they had on the first album.

Peter Doyle, Killyleagh
Didn't like song at first but now I'm loving it, good video aswell. Can't wait for album......

Juan Roman
Love Silent Alarm. Maybe this is a grower but not that enamoured on 1st listen. Interesting vid tho...

Jay, Atlanta
Bloc Party is just amazing!

Jeff, Chicago
A great new video to go with a great new song. Well done Bloc Party!

John, Wales
Great song, it is everything i like about bloc party. The video is suprisingly good to. I can't wait for the UK tour to start next year, and the album release.

Jack Layzell, Cheshunt
Love the song! Video could do alot more than it does thought to be honest. It's not very thought out and clever like it could have been. Seems like they had 5 minutes to film a video and gave it to an amazing video editor. Need to see it on a TV screen though before I condemn it too much. Great song though!

Benson, Manchester
Cool video. Loving the new single too. Bring on the album!

Shaun, Durham
Like many, I didn't know what to make of the track when I first heard it, but it is a real grower... I love it now! Great lyrics & a great sound, well done guys!

Kier, Belfast
A real departure from the sound of 'Silent Alarm' but definately an improvement in my opinion.

thomas ,dundalk rep of Ireland
Good Tune!

Ratboy, Plymouth
The new track is amazing, the new video is great now all I have to do is for the Exeter gig!!

Tara, Telford
I love the track, think its a great one to come back with. The video is very dark, and typical of that director his style is distinctive. They dont look like very interesting boys to go out clubbing with though ha ha!

telmo, Portugal

liam, cardiff
loving the way bloc party have completly changed there style yet is still keeping there unique sound.

Romy, Liverpool
AWESOME TRACK. Videos good too. hopppe the next albums as good as Silent Alarm.

Lucy, London
Great song, amazing video you can definatly tell it was done by Walter Stern

alex, los angeles
this videos great, the band is the best. can't wait for a weekend in the city

guy chadwick bognor regis
i think the track is awsome but the video is really really pants no wot i mean dude

Alex.r , Oh little town of nuneaton
Awesome,loving it!top video and lyrics!

Graham, Dumfries
Yeah bit different from anything they done on silent alarm, but loving this tune. will be a big hit i think.

Guy, Southampton
Smart sounding track,the video is astonishing

Camilla, Loughborough
Fab job boys, have missed u, keep up the good work!!

Dan, Hull
great video, can't wait for the album, lets hope it's as great as the first :)

Tom, Colchester
Great song, the effects in the video are a bit like Donnie Darko?

Phil Heath in Newcastke
about time i've been waiting ages for this and it lives up to all my expectations !! GREAT !!

Charlie, Birmingham
Whoa! lots of dirty beats! doesnt sound like the bloc party that i know, other than the remixed stuff!!! still good stuff from Kele and the boys!! Cant wait for the next album!

Fraser, Letham
FANTASTIC tune. Good video too

Duppy, W.G.C
sweet! tune better than vid but all the same... Sweet

Bob Bobertson, a load of pink
It's like drugs!

mtvoko, The Czech Republic
wow! the video is superb!

joanna, kielce poland
wow, bit weird but still great

Ste, Thornaby
excellent video, mint song, and the album is amazing :) god bless bloc party x

Sophie, Hampshire

Mihai, Romania
Were those special effects or just a poor internet conection??

James, Shropshire
What a TUNE! What a great video!

Rebecca, Hertfordshire
This is another great track from Bloc Party. Liking the video as well, nice effects. Love it.

Hanna Brussels
Groovy Song and great video can't wait to hear to hear the other songs from the new album!

Fred, Dortmund

tiiggghhhttt cant wait till the new album

Nathan, Sheffield
The chorus is blinding but they tried to be too clever on the verse and it sounds dull on first listen, hope its a grower cos silent alarm is properly amazing

John, Manchester
Great return and stunning video

Jezz, Wakefield
Woa, i cannot believe it, i have been a fan of bloc party ever since they started doing gigs. This has proved to me that bloc party can in fact get even better

Ralph, Frankfurt/Germany
Great tune, great video, great band, new album....great expectations!

Maxwell, Manchester
Amazin LOVED IT!

Ben, London
Great video! The location looks like 'Roxy' just off oxford st.

Ed - Amsterdam
looks good, im worried that the new albums not gonna b as good as the first but it seems ok so far

Matt, Leeds
Dark, spiritual, uplifting and totally rockin !!

Brendan, Newcastle-upon -Tyne
Awesome as notch vid too!

Al, Glasgow
Hopefully the album won't be as bad as this!

Jonny, The South
One Word To Describe It Is: Addictive

alex brighton
amazing bloc party havent lost the touch from there brilliant last album (silent alarm) keep them coming!!!!!!!!!


Simon nr Leicester
Agree. Good tune. Good video

Alex, London
The new Bloc Party track is so HOT and the video sets it off very nicely. SOme of the special effects and amazing. Good work

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