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Zane's Biography

My name is Alexander Zane Reid Lowe... but you can call me Zane... and in time Zipper... and possibly Zip. But never Zed.

My life in a nutshell? I was born in New Zealand . I got on a plane. I travelled to America . I drove across the country. I arrived in England . I've been here for 8 / 9 years. I love my life, I love my job, I love my wife.

Before I was a radio DJ I was in a hip hop group for about 6 / 7 years. We were called Urban Disturbance! Making music is what I got into first and foremost. The media thing was always just a hobby. But now it's a well paid hobby! Right now I'm a member of Breaks Co-op (with Andy Lovegrove and Hamish Clark), we've released two albums in New Zealand - Roofers (1997) and The Sound Inside (2005).

Before working for the BBC, I worked for many years at London 's XFM. I've been on Radio 1 since June 2003. I also present Gonzo on MTV 2.

The whole fun of doing a radio show is ultimately it's really spontaneous and really live and you don't have to think about it too much. But I'd like to think that what we're doing is just getting behind the music. Making the most of the two hours that we have on the radio and just trying to employ a community spirit and bring everybody in on it. I think it's much better when everybody's involved.

It is true that everyone who works on the show has got a really broad taste in music, myself included. I think that that's a plus y'know, I wouldn't wanna work necessarily in a genre specific show - just a hip hop show or just an alternative rock show, whatever 'cos it doesn't really represent what I'm into and I really think that radio really has to be an honest representation of whoever's driving it as much as whoever's listening to it.

I have a great time when I'm on-air, I think this is an amazing show. But please don't just take my word for it - tune in and tell me what you think, it's a two way process! The email is

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