Radio 1 Vic Galloway

Thu 00.00-02.00

Thursday 24 September


Pablo – ‘The Story Of Sampling’ (Soma)
The Just Joans – ‘I Hear You’re The Man Now, John’ (weePOP! Records)
Miaoux Miaoux – ‘Dream On’ (White Label)

Album Of The Month
Shields Up – ‘Strength and Will’ (Wasted State Records)

In Session
Sabrepulse – 'Horizons' (Live Session Track)
Sabrepulse – 'Re-Boot' (Live Session Track)

Jack Butler – ‘Surgery 1984’ (Whimsical Records)
Grum – ‘Heartbeats’ (Heartbeats)

The A&R Zone
Olympic Swimmers – ‘I Won’t Sleep’ (White Label)
Jousting With Dracula – ‘Stag’ (White Label)

Miller Anderson with The Keef Hartley Band – ‘Leavin’ Truck’ (Deram)


H.I.T.A. – ‘Nuts By The Pound’ (White Label)
Sucioperro – ‘The Dissident Code’ (Maybe Records)

In Session
Sabrepulse – ‘Storm Raid Battle’ (Live Session Track)
Sabrepulse – ‘The Manhattan Transfer’ (Live Session Track)

Cancel The Astronaut – ‘Country Song’ (Riley Records)


Cinephile – ‘Medusa’ (Antimatter)
Joe Acheson – ‘Setting Out (White Label)

Back of the Net
Ghosts of Progress – Headcase (White Label)

Le Reno Amps – ‘The Stand Off’ (Drift Records)
Twilight Sad - ‘The Room’ (Fatcat Records)
The Revenge – ‘Forever In Debt’ (Home Taping Is Killing Music)
Plum – ‘You’ (Benbecula)

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