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Thursday 29 January


Cuddly Shark - 'Bowl of Cherries' (Armellodie Records)
The Ex-Men - 'The Curator' (Beanstalk)
Yahweh - 'The Wee Ending' (Square Go Records)

Album Of The Month
The Phantom Band - 'Folk Song Oblivion' (Chemikal Underground)

Live In Session
Den Haan - 'Nightshift' (Live Session)
Den Hann - 'Looking for Love' (Live Session)

Saint Jude’s Infirmary – ‘Little Sparta’ (White Label)
Slam – ‘Ghost Song (Joris Voorn Remix) (Soma)

The Name Of My DJ Is...Tailz
Front 242 – ‘Happyness’ (Red Rhino)
Faderhead – ‘Dirtygrrls Dirtybois’ (White Label)
Rotersand – ‘Exterminate Annihilate Destroy’ (White Label)
Noisuf – X – ‘Hit Me Hard’ (White Label)
Combichrist – ‘Electrohead’ (White Label)
Suicide Commando – ‘Hellraiser’ (White Label)
Je$us Loves AmeriKa – ‘Everything is Fine’ (White Label)
Modulate - ‘Electronic Battle Weapon’ (White Label)
Grendel – ‘Dirty’ (White Label)

Dan Lyth – ‘Castles’ (Moojuice)

The Delgados - 'Pull the Wires From the Wall' (Chemikal Underground)

Reachout feat Roberta Jean – ‘I Can See’ (Oh Eye Records)
De Rosa – ‘In Code’ (Chemikal Underground)

The Drummer's Diary Week 22

Live In Session
Den Haan– ‘The Heist’ (Live Session Track)
Den Haan- 'Release the Beast' (Live Session Track)

The Chihuahuas - 'Purple Rain' (White Label)


Alex Tronic – ‘Chiller’ (Alextronic)

Back of the Net
Stanley – ‘Join Hands’ (White Label)

Freaky Family - 'Fag Break’ (White Label)
Hostage – ‘The New Gun’ (White Label)
Black Channels – ‘Feral Children’ (White Label)
A Band Called Quinn – ‘Baby When I See Your Eyes’ (Neon Tetra)
Jack Butler – ‘ Are You A Hustler’ (Whimsical Records)
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