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Thursday 15 January


Hydro - 'Determination' (Underdog)
Copy HaHo - 'Pulling Pushups' (White Label)
Mungo’s Hi Fi - 'Divorce A L’Italienne' (Scotch Bonnet)

Album Of The Month
The Phantom Band - 'Halfhound' (Chemikal Underground)

Live In Session
Joe Acheson Quartet - 'Electronica' (Live Session Track)
Plaaydoh - 'Billy' (Live Session Track)
Plaaydoh – ‘Instrumental’ (Live Session Track)


Rustie & Joker - 'Play Doe' (White Label)

The Name Of My DJ Is...Autodisco/Dundee
Toney Lee – ‘Reach Up’ (Radar Records)
Rockers Revenge – ‘Sunshine Greg Wilson Edit’ (Tirk)
Metro Area – ‘Miura’ (Environ)
Jersey Devil Social Club – ‘Homage’ (Environ)
Kathy Diamond – ‘All Women’ (Permanent Vacation)
Jesse Sauders – ‘Funk You Up’ (Street Fire Records)
Escort – ‘A Bright New Life’ (Escort Records)
Popular Peoples Front – ‘I Love You’ (PPF)
Faze Action – ‘Stratus Energy’ (Faze Action Productions)
Popular Peoples Front – ‘Dance on The Grove’ (PPF)
BC – ‘Missy Done A Pil’ ( Redux)

Sparrow and the Workshop – ‘Grizzly Bear’ (White Label)
Big Toes Hi-Fi – ‘Addicted To Bass’ (White Label)
Triple School – ‘Awesome Ball of Flame (White Label)

Eurythmics - 'Sweet Dreams(Are Made of This)' (RCA Music)


Tigerstyle - 'Son Of A Sardar' (Nachural Records)
The Second Hand Marching Band – ‘A Dance To Half Death’ (White Label)

The Drummer's Diary Week 20

Live In Session
Joe Acheson Quartet – ‘AB1’ (Live Session Track)
Plaaydoh - 'Mom Bicycle' (Live Session Track)
Plaaydoh – ‘Homeless’ (Live Session Track)

Morphy - 'Ruffneck' (White Label)


Eunoia - 'Propulsion Unit’ (White Label)
Loki – ‘Wheels On The Bus’ (White Label)
My Cousin I Bid You Farewell – ‘What Are We Eating Tonight’ (White Label)
Paranoise – ‘Crystal Kingdom’ (White Label)
Okker – ‘Wesson Oil’ (White Label)
Hudson Mohawke – ‘Polkadot Blues’ (White Label)
Dolby Anol – ‘Your Women’ (White Label)
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