Radio 1 Vic Galloway

Thu 00.00-02.00

Thursday 3 July


Process Rebel featuring Profisee - 'For The Living' (White Label)
Luva Anna - 'Dumba Dumba' (Two Thumbs)
Edgar Prais - 'Pop Song #93' (Dixie Cups) 

Album Of The Month
Black Affair - 'Just Keep Walking' (V2)

Live In Session
Unicorn Kid - 'Biscuits' (Live Session Track)
Unicorn Kid - Nuts 'n' Milk (Live Session Track)


The Black Diamond Express - 'Nemo Saltat Sobrius' (White Label)
Ex-Wives - 'Diktat' (White Label) 
Dolby-Anol - 'Puppies' (Back Yard)
Y'all Is Fantasy Island - 'Maidstone Stance' (White Label)

The Name Of My DJ Is: Fine Art

Urusei Yatsura - 'Hello Tiger' (Che)


Tolcha - 'What About Us' (White Label)
The Social Services - 'Hailstones' (White Label)

Out the Stable
Flight 19 - 'Eyes Tightly Shut' (Fat Hippy)

Live In Session
Unicorn Kid - 'All I Want' (Live Session Track)
Unicorn Kid - 'Happy Landing' (Live Session Track)


Glasvegas - 'Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime' (Columbia)
Inspector Tapehead - 'I Am Your Pedigree' (White Label)
Croucher & Myles - 'Vicious Cycle' (Soma) 

Industry Insight - Sophie Glynne

Stopstarts - 'Lightweights' (White Label)
Joe Acheson Quartet - 'Brew' (White Label)
Departures - 'Out Of Season' (White Label)

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