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Demo tape
We Want Your Demos

Attention new bands!!  Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Franz Ferdinand, Mylo, Snow Patrol and King Creosote (all of whom received early plays of their demos on this show)??

If so, here's the deal: you send us your demo......and if we like what we hear, we'll give you golden airtime on Radio 1!!!  Simple as that.

Send us a cd with a couple of demo tracks on it along with this form (you'll need a PDF viewer - if you don't have one click here for help).

The postal address and all the info you need is on the form and here are some handy hints before submitting your music:

1. Please make sure your tracks are of broadcast standard. If you're not confident with the quality of the recording, chances are we won't be able to play it!

2. Quality matters more than quantity - we get a lot of demos, so we'd rather receive your three strongest tracks on CD-R than a whole album of material.

3. Please make sure a full tracklisting and up-to-date contact information is clearly marked on the CD and the sleeve

For information on getting ahead in the music industry check out Radio 1's OneMusic site.  In the meantime, get cracking! 

Sonar Festival
Sound Of Sonar

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