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Greg James


16:00 - 17:45 // Next up: Newsbeat

Sun 14 November
Hammersmith Apollo

Taylor Swift

Set List

  • 1.Love Story
  • 2.Speak Now
  • 3.Mine

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    She is Fearless!

    The Grammy Award-winning American country-pop singer, Taylor, has experienced chart success with 3 hit albums and singles including Love Story and You Belong With Me.

    Alongside her singing career, Taylor has also managed to fit in some acting. You can see Taylor's cameo appearances with the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana and she has alsop starred in Valentine's Day.

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    We had a live webchat with Taylor Swift - read the transcript of our chat below.

    • Tae - host - We're expecting Taylor very soon folks. Get your questions ready 3:27
    • Taylor Taylor Taylor!! Come up already! Sasha 3:28
    • TAYLOR SWIFT! so excitedd :) HeyitsYaz 3:28
    • taylor is such an inspiration xspeaknowx 3:28
    • Tae - host - Taylor Swift is live! 3:28
    • Taylor I love you :)! Which is your favourite track off the album? Grace 3:29
    • Taylor, it's hard to pick a favourite Grace. I love them all equally. But, today, I like Beth December 3:30
    • Hi Taylor blow me a kiss! ILoveTaylorSwift 3:30
    • Please Write 'I LOVE KIELAN' on the board Tay (: ily Kielan 3:30
    • Who would you most like to work with? kerry :) 3:30
    • Taylor - I'd most like to work with U2 3:30
    • can you wish me a happy birthday please :) Paige 3:31
    • how many guitars do you actually have? and whats your fave thing about england? x Charlotte 3:31
    • Taylor - I have about 15 guitars. I like the baby Taylor, you can play it anywhere 3:31
    • will you come to scotland on the tour next year? i'd love to see you live! kirstyyy 3:32
    • Taylor - Scotland? Probably 3:32
    • hey taylor you look beautiful today :D James 3:32
    • who's your favourite act here today? jasmine 3:32
    • Taylor - Katy Perry is one of my friends sooooo... 3:32
    • How was it like working with Toby Hemingway ? Sasha 3:33
    • Taylor - he was great, it was one of my favourite video shoots, working with Toby is really great 3:33
    • Taylor i loooove you :) what do you love about england?? Suzie 3:33
    • can u draw me a picture ? xxx Charlyn 3:33
    • Taylor - I love ENGLAND, I love the fans and the shopping. 3:34
    • Taylor - thanks so much to all the fans and all that you do. I can't wait to see you at O2 in March 3:34

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