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In November 2008 we challenged our DJs to try out different careers, and get tips from the experts

Watch Nihal get to grips with the world of space travel

Vis's challenge Vis pulls a pint

Can 1Xtra's Vis pull the perfect pint?
Watch him behind the bar

Tom Deacon's challenge Tom Deacon

Swith's 5:19 Show host got career tips from a real chef
Watch the video

Grimmy's challenge Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw has fun on the farm
Is it the career for him?

Coxy's Challenge Sara Cox

Did Sara Cox triumph as a florist?
Watch her video

Greg's Challenge Greg James

Greg packs his finest plastic typewriter for his role as a magazine hack
See how he got on

Scott's Challenge Scott Mills

Scott Mills becomes a postie for a day - but does he deliver?
Watch the video

Edith's Challenge Edith

Could Edith be a hairdresser or make-up artist?
Watch the video

Dev's Challenge Dev

1Xtra's Dev works backstage on the Holby City Set
See how he got on

Ace Ace

1Xtra's Ace doesn't like feet, so how did he do as a physio?
Watch the video

Trevor's Challenge Trevor Nelson trapped in a computer

Could Trevor Nelson hack life as a computer programming genius?
Watch how he did

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