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Charlotte Ashton
Charlotte Ashton

A contributor on the Surgery debate panel, Charlotte's our resident journalist...  

Charlotte is a journalist and presents the Switch news programme Revealed. She spends most of her time travelling around the UK talking to teenagers about the stories that affect them. You can hear Charlotte on the Surgery's regular debate show. Here's more about her...

Things you love are…
I love being outside - I get serious cabin-fever if I'm inside for longer than about three hours! I love sitting down to a BIG meal when I'm REALLY hungry and I love the sugary bits at the end of a box of cereal. Yum.

Things you dislike are…
I hate train food and not getting enough sleep. I hate that there aren't more swimming pools in this country and that the ones we've got are too small and too smelly. I hate steak and kidney pie (because of the kidney, not the steak) and capers - those nasty green things you get in fish pie. Yuck

How do you keep fit?
Swimming! Particularly outdoors - it's so much more fun than swimming up and down a lane. I did the London Marathon last year. Crossing the finishing line was AMAZING but training in the rain and cold put me off running for life! I still go to the gym lots though - Vampire Weekend are keeping me going on the cross trainer at the moment.

How do you cheer yourself up?
Eat! There's nothing like hot food to cheer me up, particularly if it's cooked by my Mum. And then I call a girlfriend or watch a DVD with my housemate. Planning a holiday never fails to cheer me up either - I'm going surfing in Devon with my sister next… brrrr!

What do you get up to on a Saturday morning?
My perfect Saturday morning is a lie-in and a big breakfast then some sport, usually swimming.

Your favourite treat is…
Dinner with my boyfriend. If he pays, or cooks, of course!

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