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Your holiday highlights

Newcastle boys in ra-ra skirts.

Boys in ra-ra skirts, celebrity encounters, and memories of Magaluf. See your photos!

We want to know about your best holidays, your worst holidays, past and present - whether you're going or have been somewhere impossibly glamorous, you're sticking to good ol' Blighty, or just camping out in your back garden! Tell us all about it by sending your photos, videos and comments

Or if you don't have any holidays on the cards, send us pictures of you at work!


1. Photos: Upload your images to us or email us the links to your images online (Flickr, MySpace, bebo etc)
2. Video: Send us links to your videos online (eg. YouTube, bebo, Vimeo etc). Please don't send the original videos! Email links to your video now
3. Don’t forget to include your name and location with your content.
4. Only submit your content to us once you have read the terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions.

See pics of you at work!

Upload pics of your best clubbing nights

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