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    • 1. At 09:48am on 19 Mar 2012, mathias7899 wrote:

      hello bbc radio 1 here is mathias from germany and i listen your show because katy perry . i'm a big fan of her and she is a great person and the best singer in the world. katy perry good luck for the echo on 22 march in germany your fan mathias from dresden i love you so much. bbc radio1 if you meet her can you tell her this please? thank you very much and have a nice day

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    • 2. At 09:59am on 19 Mar 2012, Natasha wrote:

      Can't wait Really been looking 4ward to this, Go Katy love ya Xx :D

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    • 3. At 10:02am on 19 Mar 2012, XxThomasxX wrote:

      Its my Birthday today im 17 can you do a shoutout for me my name is TJ (Thomas) from Stratford upon avon college


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    • 4. At 10:13am on 19 Mar 2012, Carys- KatyCat - Summers wrote:

      So excited for this! So much so, i'm missing Zumba. I am however feeling slightly bitter about the whole thing, since i had 68 people apply for tickets for me and none of us won. No regrets just love....

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    • 5. At 10:28am on 19 Mar 2012, Teddy1967 wrote:

      Hi its my daughter Megan 18th birthday today and she was lucky enough to get tickets to see Katy Perry in the Live Lounge, she is a massive fan and this is a day that she will never forget can you please do a shout out for her or even ask Katy to wish her a happy birthday. You won't miss her she is the one covered in 18th badges and a birthday cake hat!!!! Thanks xx

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    • 6. At 10:46am on 19 Mar 2012, megzislost wrote:

      Sitting in a 2 hour uni lecture slyly listening to Fearne waiting for the amazing Katy Perry on a bright green laptop and bright blue headphones...subtle!!!!

      Megan and Natalie xx

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    • 7. At 10:54am on 19 Mar 2012, Dave Criddle wrote:

      Hey Fearne, Hey Katy, Dave from Queensland Australia here, keen the listen to the live set from Katy, makes me wish i was back home in the UK now so i can watch it on the webcam

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    • 8. At 10:55am on 19 Mar 2012, mathias7899 wrote:

      hellocan you katy now that she is for me the best singer in the world and love greatings from germany katycat mathias i love katy perry meow

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    • 9. At 10:57am on 19 Mar 2012, Dave Criddle wrote:

      Would love a shout out from the Gorgeous Katy Perry xxx

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    • 10. At 11:02am on 19 Mar 2012, mathias7899 wrote:

      not available in your area can you help me . mathias from germany i will see katy perry :(

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    • 11. At 11:05am on 19 Mar 2012, LiLi wrote:

      So happy I'm awake and able to listen to Katy Perry :D well worth waking up on a monday for.

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    • 12. At 11:25am on 19 Mar 2012, Jacqui wrote:

      Had no idea what i was going to do this morning, saw on Twitter Fearne was on with Katy Perry... defo tuned in! Bring it perry!

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    • 13. At 11:32am on 19 Mar 2012, Natasha wrote:

      Hopefully she sings I kissed a girl & Firework :). Xx

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    • 14. At 11:35am on 19 Mar 2012, Hood wrote:

      OMG Fearna ... Katy sound amazing ..... I'm trying to watch without getting caught by my boss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 15. At 11:46am on 19 Mar 2012, katysfanfrphils wrote:

      we want a shoutout to manila philippines katy please....

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    • 16. At 11:54am on 19 Mar 2012, Jacqui wrote:

      clicked on webcam but how do i see katy perry!?

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    • 17. At 12:00pm on 19 Mar 2012, Sarah02 wrote:

      Katy Perry you're amazing! ;D I love Part of me! Please come again to Belgium :)

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    • 18. At 12:14pm on 19 Mar 2012, donald1311 wrote:

      is it just me or is the webcam not working all im getting is loading page????

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    • 19. At 12:20pm on 19 Mar 2012, mike green wrote:

      i'm just getting the loading page on webcam too , come on get it sorted

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    • 20. At 12:21pm on 19 Mar 2012, Jessiehappiness wrote:

      not loading for me either... but sounds really good :)

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    • 21. At 12:22pm on 19 Mar 2012, Nicki wrote:

      I'm just getting the loading page too. Shame.

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    • 22. At 12:24pm on 19 Mar 2012, Irene Pirrera wrote:

      Oh dear... webcam going round and round not loading...
      :o(( DO SOMETHING!!!

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    • 23. At 12:25pm on 19 Mar 2012, Teddy1967 wrote:

      Not working for me either gutted as my daughter is there celebrating her 18th birthday x

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    • 24. At 12:31pm on 19 Mar 2012, Irene Pirrera wrote:

      Loving the harmonies on 'Firework' Superb version! XXX
      still not seeing it though!! :/

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    • 25. At 12:35pm on 19 Mar 2012, briangriffin69 wrote:

      Where;s the pictures?

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    • 26. At 12:38pm on 19 Mar 2012, briangriffin69 wrote:

      I would crawl through a tunnel of broken glass just to stick matchsticks in this lady's pooh!

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    • 27. At 12:38pm on 19 Mar 2012, Karl Moss wrote:

      Hi Fearne .... loving the live lounge but can't seem to find the video .... tried the Live Webcam but no joy ?? xx

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    • 28. At 12:40pm on 19 Mar 2012, Nicki wrote:

      It sounds absolutely amazing - given up on the web cam!

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    • 29. At 12:43pm on 19 Mar 2012, debbie wrote:

      Webcam not working. Come on R1 sort it out

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    • 30. At 12:56pm on 19 Mar 2012, truth and nothing but wrote:

      hello radio 1. im a big fan of live lounge, usually love every second. however. Katy Perry was AWFUL today! talking absolute nonsense with no professionalism about her in the slightest. can hear better quality at any local boozer. i hate to sound so harsh but i think Katy herself needs to be told what she already knows. . . to step her live game up because she's clearly not cutting it. just because you are a household name doesn't mean you shouldn't work just as hard! much love

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    • 31. At 2:27pm on 19 Mar 2012, Faith wrote:


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    • 32. At 3:26pm on 19 Mar 2012, Jon G wrote:

      Just like the others - no video during the LL itself. Will you be putting it on iPlayer? Seems a heck of a shame to have a video crew set up and recording, and no-one to see it.

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    • 33. At 9:22pm on 19 Mar 2012, andrea wrote:

      @truth and nothing but,we were obviously listening to different performances - She was amazing and until today i didn't realise how talented Katy Perry is - you obviously don't like the music but you can't fault her talent

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    • 34. At 10:52am on 20 Mar 2012, Carmal1729 wrote:

      Was unable to tune in yesterday, by the sound of it just aswell, as would'nt of seen it live! But have just watched it now..... and LOVED IT :)
      Katy comes across as a lovely person, so natural, what you see is what you get.... 'Ab Fab' Katy keep on doing what you are doing, loving it xXx

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    • 35. At 11:35am on 20 Mar 2012, kevhampshire wrote:

      @truth and nothing but.
      I can only agree. Sadly a lot of people get star struck and see these people of the famous people that they are and not for their vocal skills.
      The Jessie J set a couple of weeks ago was a good show of her skills.

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    • 36. At 9:14pm on 20 Mar 2012, abbersoffofbolton wrote:

      I really enjoyed watching this back. I tuned in to the first song on radio but had to go to work and that sounded a bit rough tbh, but watching the whole thing she seemed to get better and it was nice to see some of her songs stripped back.

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    • 37. At 7:29pm on 21 Mar 2012, Dan wrote:

      Hi there, all you Katy Perry fanatics. there were a few things which became evident following Katy's live sessions, one of them is that her fans r very dedicated (refinement, i considered other terminology there). However my first thought was is this a set-up have the mics been tappered with or perhaps the big or small wigs @ r1 prophesied her infamous performance.

      Her own songs would probly sound better if jay z and kanye covered them, she was really lacking in the,,,, erm x factor i think they call afraid blue hair isnt gonna be enough to win me over she needs some talent, i think you should invite her back to do it agian minus jay and kanye maybe cover something closer to home like rhianna or emily sandy (walk before you run katy, or in this case crall before you can walk)
      Anyhow, shalom, salam and peace

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    • 38. At 11:39am on 22 Mar 2012, tanie wrote:

      Have to agree with truth and nothing on this one. I keep hearing the replays, not good voice, bit of an embarrasment really what with all the hype. Autotune anyone??

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    • 39. At 5:44pm on 22 Mar 2012, TheGenuineSeer wrote:

      No talent, all mouth and hype just like that mouthy idiot she was briefly married to.

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    • 40. At 11:26pm on 22 Mar 2012, Mike K wrote:

      I dunno what you guys are talking about, I much prefer katys version to JZ and Kanye, and the rest of the set was awesome, I'm not generally a massive Katy Perry fan, but kudos to her, she had a good set, and loved the cover.

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    • 41. At 7:14pm on 25 Mar 2012, sashasmn wrote:

      Katy's cover of Paris was amazing, loved it :D

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    • 42. At 10:10am on 31 Mar 2012, jamez_common wrote:

      I would like to see you guys get up there and do that! I think there was a couple of out of tune moments, but she has a very dynamic voice, which is hard to keep control of. Watch this space, I think we are going to see a lot more Katy & more refined.

      I don't know what to say about this comment (as above)....."Her own songs would probly sound better if jay z and kanye covered them" - ???!!!!

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