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    • 1. At 7:41pm on 27 Feb 2012, Gazman wrote:


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    • 2. At 8:51pm on 27 Feb 2012, donaldwatson wrote:

      im a big fan of queen nd saw them in 1985 in ireland and didnt think any one could stand in for freddy untill i heard dappy with brian may it changed my out look in dappy as a artist if dappy went on tour with queen i would pay to see them im well impressed and would like to here more keep up the good work freddy has blessd dappy with a voice

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    • 3. At 10:29am on 28 Feb 2012, radical mit wrote:

      Did not rate Dappy as a singer, but after that Live Lounge, all I can say is WOW...
      move please

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    • 4. At 12:21pm on 28 Feb 2012, Erin wrote:


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    • 5. At 4:41pm on 28 Feb 2012, AGHB wrote:

      Brian May collaborating with the biggest fake in the industry ? Really, Brian you should know better. Why not do something with a real talent like Adele or Jessie J. How embarassing for Queen fans!!

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    • 6. At 9:31pm on 28 Feb 2012, briancbl wrote:

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    • 7. At 9:36pm on 28 Feb 2012, Rickster wrote:

      This is an iconic tune that had Dappy did well to try and cover. What let it down was his useless talking over the BM solo. Please please please, for once, if you're going to cover a great tune, learn that there are bits that you keep your mouth shut on. We know he's a legend. We know you're not. Don't tell us this during the most important part of a tune. Poor.

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    • 8. At 9:36pm on 28 Feb 2012, smudgemonster wrote:

      Well AGHB this with Dappy was absolutely brilliant, and for your info Brian May has already collaborated with the most talented star on the planet in You and I with the Mother Monster. What could he possible do with Adele? You must be joking!

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    • 9. At 11:48am on 29 Feb 2012, simon stannard wrote:

      yes i agree with RICKSTER "if you're going to cover a great tune, learn that there are bits that you keep your mouth shut on. We know he's a legend. We know you're not. Don't tell us this during the most important part of a tune. Poor."

      Surly you have to ask yourself why is someone just embarking on a solo career doing covers already, your not lacking material are you Dappy!?

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    • 10. At 1:54pm on 29 Feb 2012, walcott_wonderland wrote:

      Better than it could've been. Some respect due to Dappy, although I'm not sure Brian May will count it among the highlights of his career!

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    • 11. At 9:45pm on 29 Feb 2012, paully84 wrote:

      Funny how people will just say cruel things for the sake of it. not the biggest dappy fan but i was surprised at how good Dappy's rock voice is. not a bad cover by a long shot. nice one Dappy!!!!!!

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    • 12. At 11:15pm on 29 Feb 2012, The Wise One wrote:

      Amazing drummer!

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    • 13. At 08:28am on 01 Mar 2012, fludie wrote:

      Amazing, loved it! gave me goose bumps, please release as a single. now a fan of Dappy, loved his voice in this and Brian May - legend!

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    • 14. At 11:31am on 01 Mar 2012, akitajewski wrote:

      i love the bit were he goes i told you i could sing

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    • 15. At 1:41pm on 02 Mar 2012, mattskiuk wrote:

      simon stannard

      im afriad youve missed the point. dappy is not doing "covers already" as this is live lounge where artists do just that. hence all the live lounge cd's of people doing covers on radio 1. dappy can obviously sing and guys you should just respect Mr. Mays judgement on who he wants to work with and enjoy the company of. Its not your call. Rockstar will be a number one record. You cant hold back talent. Dappy has written / produced every note of everything he has ever done.

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    • 16. At 9:59pm on 03 Mar 2012, Luke Fisher wrote:

      he must be an alien or sutin

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    • 17. At 9:33pm on 13 Mar 2012, C-JAY wrote:

      I am a big fan of DAPPY, and I hope I see him in hackney in June

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    • 18. At 9:36pm on 13 Mar 2012, C-JAY wrote:


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    • 19. At 5:05pm on 14 Mar 2012, Eastendersbestfsn001 wrote:

      not a big fan of dappy as he said olly murs couldnt sing how dare he the little S**T

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    • 20. At 05:49am on 16 Mar 2012, Gr33n 4rroW wrote:

      I am not a NDubz fan but even since i heard them do Papa can you hear me on the live lounge, I have loved all the live things they have done. Good work! Keep'em coming!

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