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    • 1. At 8:44pm on 04 Sep 2011, claireyab wrote:

      Friday night at Koko was AMAZING! Thank you BBC for this fantastic night. We are long time fans of RHCP so this was an awesome opportunity to see them in a tiny venue. I believe I cried a little bit!!!!

      Cheers x

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    • 2. At 12:51pm on 12 Sep 2011, John Burke wrote:

      Thanks for the show RHCP's and Radio One !! What an amazing night - such a great close-up venue, blown away by the noise ! Thanks again Radio One for the chance to see one of my favourite bands at such a fantastiv venue.

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    • 3. At 4:16pm on 12 Sep 2011, Alice wrote:

      This was an amazing night, had the most amazing view, thanks so much it was brilliant. It couldn't have been in a better venue, it was so intimate.

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    • 4. At 7:07pm on 12 Sep 2011, Alexia wrote:

      Thank you so much Radio One for organising this and to Chilis for doing it! Words can't even describe how happy I was, happiest I've ever been i'm pretty sure!
      RHCP were brilliant as always! New album is awesome, never dissappoint.

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    • 5. At 7:19pm on 12 Sep 2011, Khoifa wrote:

      Hello from Monica and im so happy to have the opporunity of listening the show with one of my fav. bands.....just want to congrats to the peppers bcos of their new album....and im wondering WHEN U GUYS ARE COMMING TO MEXICO??!!!....WE LOVE U

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    • 6. At 8:45pm on 12 Sep 2011, Liz Johns wrote:

      Radio One thank you so much you've made a life long dream become a reality, especially for a short person who never normally gets to see beyond the tall - long-haired-and-hyper fan in front of me. Great view, great sound, great atmosphere and Zane did an excellent job on the warm up front too. Cheers

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    • 7. At 8:55pm on 12 Sep 2011, Aimee wrote:

      I cant thank you guys enough for getting ur hands on these guys, best night of my life and words cant say how amazing these guys are! You rock xx

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    • 8. At 12:01pm on 13 Sep 2011, dexta1969 wrote:

      Seemed a good wee gig, reminds me of the energy of the chili's of the nineties who I fell in love with originally rather than the "gig by numbers" stadium rockers of recent years. Shame the crowd seemed a bit lacklustre though.

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    • 9. At 7:03pm on 14 Sep 2011, EmmaS83 wrote:

      What a great gig! Just listened to it back and brought back the memories of a fantastic night. I have been waiting for years to see RHCP so thanks R1 for the chance to see my fav band. I'm greedily going to see them again in November, this has made me so impatient now! Cannot get enough of these guys!!

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