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    • 1. At 11:04am on 27 Jul 2010, peter wrote:

      when are you fearne going to choice some tracks for a live lounge cd but as your faver covers

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    • 2. At 12:01pm on 27 Jul 2010, carmine wrote:

      umm - that was pretty awful... could the cover have been any flatter?

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    • 3. At 2:23pm on 27 Jul 2010, Laura wrote:

      Absolutely awful - the cover was just horrid. Such a shame as well guys cos you can't really say so when he's sat in front of you, but it was hard to listen to from here!

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    • 4. At 2:29pm on 27 Jul 2010, Stephyx10 wrote:

      unbelievably awful.. 1 sure thing his looks aint as bad as what that was!

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    • 5. At 3:58pm on 27 Jul 2010, teenie_jen wrote:

      Hmmm, that wasn't great was it. I always wonder whether things sound better when you're there than they do on the radio?

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    • 6. At 6:15pm on 27 Jul 2010, liz3000 wrote:

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    • 7. At 6:16pm on 27 Jul 2010, liz3000 wrote:

      Loved it....Not a fan of Mumford and Son music but loved the song when Travie done his version of it..Where there's love there's hate..Love you Travie

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    • 8. At 11:12pm on 27 Jul 2010, lewis wrote:

      Truely aweful cover it has to be said, flat as a pancake!

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    • 9. At 00:12am on 28 Jul 2010, M wrote:

      Ummm.....has anyone else got professor greens cover of billionaire from last week with Travie McCoys cover of the cave??

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    • 10. At 2:57pm on 28 Jul 2010, Duncan Baines wrote:

      He was flatter than a pancake - absolutely aweful! In fact I'd say dreadful, pretty shocking when you think about he was singing to millions of people on national radio!!
      The main problem with the industry at the moment - the good people aren't getting a chance!
      Was at Tramlines Festival in Sheffield @ the weekend and saw a great band for the future by pure chance called 'STARLINGS' - Radio 1 should give them their chance on the radio - - great sound and their performance was the best I saw all weekend!

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    • 11. At 1:45pm on 29 Jul 2010, Harri123 wrote:

      That was literally terrible- My brother and I turned off the radio!!!
      He has great songs, and he can rap. He should stick to that. His backup singer was beautiful- he should leave it to those who can sing!!
      Fearne was very convincing- dunno how she did it!

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    • 12. At 6:59pm on 29 Jul 2010, stoatly wrote:

      I wish there was a noose around my neck whilst listening to that!!!! Terrible!!!!

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    • 13. At 12:22pm on 30 Jul 2010, frankie wrote:

      this is awfull, i love this song, but he has ruined it he sounds like the rejects people laugh at off the xfactor!

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    • 14. At 2:23pm on 31 Jul 2010, x3love97 wrote:

      Travie=brilliant McLean=Awful this is why he should leave it to the amazing bruno mars :)

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    • 15. At 10:52am on 24 Aug 2010, aimee wrote:

      i thought this was really good :)

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    • 16. At 8:20pm on 15 Oct 2010, Stephanie_js wrote:

      This really is nowhere near as bad as people are making out. I think he did it a good job, you can tell he has a croaky voice from the start so he cant reach the notes on the chorus but it isnt actually "flat". There have been much worse.

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      Coffee and honey in hand, Travie McCoy was back in the Live Lounge for the first time since 2007. Last time he was with Gym Class Heroes, but for now he's enjoying having the tour bus to himself.

      Travie chatted with Fearne about juggling his new solo stuff with making the next Gym Class Heroes album, and being on tour with Rihanna and Ke$ha.

      Plus, of course, he performed his new single 'Billionaire' and a cover of Mumford & Sons' 'The Cave'.

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