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stuff that we've done
Scott collects his degree
Watch Scott get his degree

He's a Dr now and everything!

Scott V Joan
Scott plays Nantendo

Yep, Scott decided to challenge some old folk to a game off... he really should have practised first.

Meat Pie Mandy
Meat Pie Mandy

Want a free pie from our lovely Meat Pie Mandy? Mmmm thought you did!

Segway racing
Segway racing at Radio 1

Scott, Fearne, Becky and Chappers - who's the fastest around the Radio 1 basement?  Watch the video

Flight simulator
Can Becky simulate a flight?

Becky tries her hand at a flight simulator - can she avoid the mountains and land the plane safely?

Jenson Button
Becky's Formula 1 Forté

Jenson Button puts Becky through her paces in a Formula 1 simulator

Becky at QVC
Becky tries to sell on TV

The search for a forté continues, with TV shopping channel presenting.  Has to be seen to be believed!

Becky in a straight jacket covered in trifle
Becky in a straight jacket

Maybe Becky's Forté is escapology?  We get a leading escapologist to lock her in a straight jacket and leave her to escape

Andy Murray
Becky plays Andy Murray at Wii Tennis

Maybe tennis is Becky's forte? We sent her to meet Andy Murray to find out.  Plus watch Andy Murray inflate and fart a whoopie cushion!

Scott in the shower
Cold Shower Trivia

How long will Scott last, answering cold questions in the cold shower?

What's Becky's Forte?
What's Becky's Forte?

We hunt for one thing that Becky is really really amazing at!  See the photos and videos

Livestock Lounge with Stuey
Stuey Animal Man

How many animals can Stuey identify, when they're sat on his belly?

Becky on a Trampoline
Becky on a Trampoline

How many questions can Becky get right whilst bouncing on a trampoline?

Scott Ice Cream
Scott loves ice cream

How much ice cream can Edith put down Scott's pants in one minute? Watch the video

Matt Fincham
Matt Fincham gets papped

We surprise Matt Fincham with a crowd of papparazzi outside Radio 1

Livestock Lounge
Livestock Lounge EXTREME

Can Scott correctly identify the animals, including a snake, a monkey, and a PENGUIN!

The Tonga
Come on and do the Tonga

How many people can Pete Tong get to dance The Tonga on a Friday night?

Napolean the parrot

Becky's off, and just as we thought, a parrot was a perfect replacement for her!

Sara Cox eating
Sara Cox food song

Sara Cox loves food!  Download our free song in honour of her months of service in for Jo Whiley

Scott nicking a Brit
Scott tries to nick a Brit!

Watch this video of what Scott and Becky got up to after the Brit Awards

Egg Roulette
Hannah Morrisson plays Egg Roulette

Newsbeat's Hannah Morrisson welcomes the return of our amazing game Egg Roulette! Can she avoid the raw eggs? Watch now to find out

Scott turns on xmas lights

The procurement department of the BBC needed someone to turn on their Christmas lights - Scott got the gig!

Your makeover photos

Scott was thinking about getting a makeover for his mum for Christmas, so we asked you to send in your makeover photos.


Re-live the momentous week where we came live from Scott's flat. Check out the highlights videos

Scott in ten year's time
Scott in ten years time?

What would Scott look like if he drank too much booze over the next ten years? Find out

Fun Camera Photos

Scott found an old fun camera and got the photos processed even though he couldnt remember what was on it...

Two Spoons Dave Spoon
Spoons... Two Spoons Dave Spoon!

Watch the making of the dance classic, with Scott Mills, "Two Spoons" Dave Spoon, and Sam Obernik in the studio

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