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What's this all about?

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ScottCam is now over :(

For five days at the start of October 2008, you could watch Scott Mills, 24-hours a day, live from his flat via six webcams. That week, the BBC Radio 1 website had more traffic than ever before, with 1.5 million unique visitors. More than 500,000 viewers watched ScottCam live, and thousands more watched the highlights videos.

It all came about through Scott's obsession with PandaCam, live from an American zoo. In response, we brought you BeckyCam, live from a Radio 1 desk. And after that, we brought you video live from The One That Doesn't Speak's head, with HeadCam. But the ultimate voyeuristic webcam experience was ScottCam live from Scott's actual real life flat.

Six different webcams were dotted all around his flat, all streaming live on the internet, 24-hours a day for the whole week. Scott stayed in all day (apart from a quick pub trip each evening) so you could watch what he was up to when he wasn't doing the show. Sometimes he watched TV. Sometimes he made phonecalls. Often, he tinkered around on the Internet a bit. Rivetting stuff.

You could choose which camera you were viewing at any time, using the camera buttons on the right of the screen. Or you could just choose the Autocam, and sit back and watch as we follow Scott around his house for you. You could also email Scott and watch him reply on camera.

He also did his radio show live from his flat each day, which was all slightly strange for him, but lots of fun for the rest of us. Throughout the day, we were recording all the best bits, like your very own Scott+ service. So you had no need to miss anything. Scott Mills, live from his flat, for the next five days. It's been emotional.

Technical stuff

  • ScottCam was only available in the UK, although the highlights packages were and still are available outside the UK.
  • You'll need Flash Player to view the videos - if you don't have it, you'll be told.
  • You'll need broadband to view the videos, because they're nice and big fat quality.
  • Although we were streaming 24 hours a day, we turned off all the cameras except the kitchen camera at night. You didn't really hope to see Scott sleeping, do you? You did? You weirdo. Well, tough.
  • There was no sound on any of the cameras, but if you listened to AutoCam, you could hear Radio 1 output

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