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Here's a bunch of stuff we think's well funny.  We hope you like it too!  (The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites)

Unicycle lady
The amazing uni-cycling lady!

This woman is amazing! Check her out.

Is this Scott?
Is this Scott?

Chappers reckons this could be Scott, on the new Dizzee Rascal ad. What do you think? Or look, maybe this is him being Michael Bublé?

mmmm cake
Trevor Nelson's cake

We've found this amazing video of Trevor baking... possibly one of the best videos we've ever seen!

Scott Transformed
Transform Your Face!

This is a great way to make yourself look busy at work. See what you'll look like when you're old. Or if you were a cartoon. Or a monkey.

TV Show injustice
TV Show Injustice!

Scott's friend Chris would have won Get Your Own Back... but he didn't cos Dave Benson-Philips counted some petals wrong

Mega Shark movie
Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

Is this for real? It looks like the most amazing "so bad it's good" film ever. And it features Debbie Gibson off of the 80s

He's a lady!
Scott as you've never seen him before...

Warning: this pic might scare you a bit!

Scott on Eurovision
Scott does Eurovision!

Loads of you think Scott's been practising his dance moves on BBC3 - his performance is 8 mins 39 in

Rick Rollin
Rick Rollin' the musical

See what people are saying about Scott Mills appearing in a Rick Astley musical in Edinburgh! Geekworld chat. Poster.

Milky the Marvellous Cow
Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow

Becky's Classifieds also dragged up one of these.  Quite disturbing toy.

Mr Bucket
Mr Bucket advert

Toys were great in the 80s!  We saw one of these for sale on Becky's Classifieds

Are you popular?
Would you be popular in the 1950s?

How you know if you're popular and how to ask a girl on a date, 1950s style! 

Magic = Love
Can magic help you find love?!

This guy thinks it can and he's going to show you how... in a very cheesy 80s way!

Introducing... The UroClub!

This is possible the funniest infomercial advert we've ever ever seen.  You have to see this!

Watchmen, the cartoon!

Watchmen might be a cool new film but what if it had been a low-budget cartoon, like off of Saturday morning TV...

Tooth Art
Get your picture on your own tooth!

Check out this guy in America who can tattoo a picture on to your actual teeth.  Why would you do that?

ScottGuru's curtains
Guru returns with Oh What's Occuring!

Scott's very own Guru returns with his own version of Oh What's Occuring.  Has to be seen to be believed!

Scott Mills Guru!

A whole new YouTube channel dedicated to Scott!  His name is Rob, and he's a Scott Mills Guru.  And he dries his socks on the radiator.

Basshunter doing Jingle Bells live!

We've found this video of Basshunter performing his amazing Jingle Bells track on TOTP in Holland

This guy loves Mariah Carey so much...

...he decided to hire a recording studio and sing all her hits!

Hole in the wall
Scott on Hole in the Wall

As featured in Oh What's Occuring, check out this clip of Scott on BBC 1's Hole in the Wall. Did it make you laugh?

Old People Choir
The Best Choir Ever

These old people love to sing in Church, but not the normal style hymns. They're more into Eminem, Nelly and Chamillionaire

Head up elephant

Kate Silverton couldn't take part in Children in Need because she'd "fallen down an elephant hole"... not like this though, we hope.

Sheep riding
Yep, it's children riding sheep!

If you didn't see Stephen Fry in America then you missed this... scroll to 47 mins and watch children riding sheep. Only in America!

Katy Perry's nan
Katy Perry's Nan

Katy's sister gave her nan a copy of Katy's album, and on this amazing video, here Nan read's out the lyrics!

Panda Cam

Scott loves this... they don't do much but they're so cute!

Message From Earth
Scott's Message From Earth

Watch Scott's full message from Earth, and vote for him to be beamed into space

Japanese Navy advert
Japanese Navy Advert

Hello sailor!

Tiddy bear
Tiddy Bear

Scott hasn't even got a car and he's getting one!

Feeling hungry?

We've found these really weird restaurants. Fancy eating out of a toilet anyone? Or maybe you'd like to pretend you're in jail?!

Pig woman
"Here piggy piggy piggy"

Meet the Illinois State Fair Hog-Calling champion. No, we've no idea what Hog-Calling is either.

FA Respect video
Chappers gets roughed up

Watch the new film from The FA featuring Chappers and a bunch of other more famous types

We Want To Go Blobbing!

Scott loves adventure sports - especially this one!

Scott and Hoff
Scott and The Hoff in Hollywood

Scott went to LA on holiday, and hooked up with the Hoff. Here they are on Hollywood Boulevard. And here they are clubbing.

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