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Mills downloads

Here's a page full of sounds from the show, that you can put on your computer or your phone.  Amarzin!!

Great new downloads!

Download TOTDS - I'm On Fire (1sec, 29kb)
Download Fiona - Dervla Kirwan (1sec, 24kb)
Download Fiona - Henry Penry (1sec, 24kb)
Download IT Support - Trojan Worm (3sec, 51kb)
Download Bob Sinclar - Smell My Cheese (2sec, 36kb)
Download Dizzee - For Prime Minister (2sec, 24kb)
Download Adele - Laughing (8sec, 53kb)
Download Huw Stephens - Ham Sandwich (4sec, 54kb)
Download Chappers - Woo! (1sec, 13kb)
Download Dmitri - Complete Catch (1sec, 25kb)
Download Dmitri - Romance begin (1sec, 25kb)
Download Dmitri - Nothing wrong (1sec, 32kb)
Download Anna Lee loving squirty cream (3sec, 36kb)
Download The most embarassing ringtone ever? (21s, 172kb)
Download Scott's chicken laugh (3sec, 56kb)
Download Vera saying "scrubber" (1sec, 14kb)
Download The theme from Ring Wing (7sec, 118kb)
And don't forget all the Barry-okes you can download too!

Some oldie classics!

Download Flirt Divert - Deeeeelish
Download Electric Trivia - Scream 1 - Scream 2
download Mills Gold - 'Alright treacle?'
Download Flirt Divert - 'Danger! Danger! John Saltage'
Download Flirt Divert - 'Eh, dirty boy...'
Download Westwood - 'Strap it up before you slap it up'

Are you a bit thick?  Need some help?

Right-click on the links above and choose 'Save Target As'. Then choose where on your computer you'd like the save the MP3 files.

You can also download these sounds to your mobile. Text MOBILE to 81199 for the link to our mobile site and click on Audio Downloads.

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