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Gig Guide
Gigs Gigs Gigs's our favourite 5 (1st November - 7th November)

1) Tuesday 3rd November  - Nakatomi Towers, , The Flora, the Fauna, Uber Glitterati -- Auntie Annie's, Belfast

2) Wednesday 4th November -
 Silhouette, Window Seats, More Than Conquerors -  Auntie Annie's, Belfast

3) Wednesday 4th November -
  Skinny Love: Kasper Rosa, Jumping Orbi t- The Menagerie, Belfast
4) Thursday 5th November - Radar Presents: Not Squares, Cap Pas Cap, Enemies - Speakeasy, QUB, Belfast

5) Friday 6th November -  The Lowly Knights  - Stiff Kitten, Belfast

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