Radio 1 Rock Show

Tue 00.00-02.00

Tuesday 15th April


Down – ‘On March The Saints’ (Warner)
Scars On Broadway – ‘They Say’ (White)
Broadway Calls – ‘Escape From Capitol Hill’ (Adeline)
Angels And Airways – ‘Everything’s Magic’ (Geffen)

The Mauler
Kids In Glass Houses – ‘Give Me What I Want’ (Roadrunner)

Torche – ‘Grenades’ (Hydrahead)

Brigade Tour Story
Brigade – ‘What Are You Waiting For’ (Caned And Able)

36 Crazyfists – ‘The Black Harlow Road’ (Ferret)
Deftones – ‘Hexagram’ (Warner)
Century – ‘Pantheon’ (White)

Creature Feature
High On Fire – ‘Razor Hoof’ (Relapse)


Mastodon – ‘Trampled Under Hoof’ (Relapse)

Everytime I Die Takeover
Everytime I Die – ‘Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery’ (Ferret)
Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Horse Hunter’ (Relapse)
Everytime I Die – ‘We’rewolf’ (Ferret)
Botch – ‘To Our Friends In The Great White North’ (Hydrahead)
AC/DC – ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ (EMI)
Everytime I Die – ‘Easy Tiger’ (Ferret)

Iron Maiden – ‘Children Of The Damned’ (EMI)
Meshuggah – ‘Obzen’ (Nuclear Blast)
The Locust – ‘Slum Service’ (Epitaph)
Cutting Pink With Knives – ‘Coasts’ (Holy Roar)
Bullet Treatment – ‘Something Like You’ (Basement/Think Fast)
Circle Jerks – ‘Deny Everything’ (White)
Heavy Heavy Low Low – ‘This Is Really Testing’ (Ferret)
Vultures United – ‘Dirt Dicks’ (The Pirate Record Co)
Crumblesuckers – ‘Shot Down’ (White)
Blacklisted – ‘Burning Monk’ (Reflections)
Some Girls – ‘Dead In A Web’ (Epitaph)
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