Radio 1 Rock Show

Tue 00.00-02.00

27th October 04

Ozzy Osborne- 'Paranoid (Live)' (White)
Mastadon- 'Blood and THunder' (Relapse)
The Dillinger Escape Plan- 'Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants' (Relapse)
The Pixies- 'Wave Of Mutilation' (John Peel Session)
Napalm Death- 'Retreat To Nowhere/Scum' (John Peel Session)
Eighteen Visions- 'Tower Of Snakes' (Trustkill)
Nirvana- 'Molly's Lips' (John Peel Session)
Arch Enemy- 'We WIll Rise' (Century Media
Panic DHH- 'Reach' (Digital Hardcore)
The Melvins- 'It's Shoved' (Live)
Jimi Hendrix- 'Hey Joe' (Radio One Session)
Hopesfail- 'Start And Pause' (Trustkill/Roarrunner)
A Perfect Circle- 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' (Virgin)
Carcass- 'Empatholgical Necroticism' (John Peel Session)
Cradle Of Filth- 'Gilded Cunt' (Roadrunner)
Helmet- 'Unsung' (John Peel Session)
Hole - 'Violet' (John Peel Session)
Everything For Some- 'Stand Alone' (In At The Deep End)
October File- 'Beautiful' (Golf)
Electric Wizard- 'We Live' (Rise Above)
Three Inches Of Blood- 'Deadly Sinners' (Roadrunner)
Isis- 'Backlit' (Ipecac)
Straylight Run- 'Detention Under Terror' (Victory)
Nirvana- 'Turnaround' (John Peel Session)
Mad Capsule Markets- 'Scary' (Gut)
Motorhead- 'Ace Of Spades (Live)' (SPV)
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