Radio 1 Rock Show

Tue 00.00-02.00

Rock Show Tracklistings: 14/07/04

Sepultura- 'Roots Bloody Roots' (Roadrunner)
Gay For Johnny Depp- 'Kill The Cool Kids' (Firefly)
Shaped By Fate- 'Stella Got Her Groove Back' (Mighty Atom)
Kittie- 'Into The Darkness' (Ryko)
Jane's Addiction- '3 Days' (Warners)
Secret Machines- 'Nowhere Again' (Warners)
The Vaults- 'Straight Faced' (Red Flag)
Engerica- 'Reasons To Be Fearful' (Visible Noise)

Minus- 'Here Comes The Night' (Session Track)
Minus- 'Cat's Eyes' (Session Track)

Reign of Erebus- 'Maelstrom' (Blackend)
The Bled- 'Red Wedding' (Sore Point)
AC/DC- 'Riff Raff' (EMI)
Lars Fredrickson & The Bastards- '1%' (Hellcat)
Johnny Mental- 'Venetian Blind' (Mighty Atom)
Dillinger Escape Plan- 'Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants' (Release Records)

Minus- 'In Your Bed' (Session Track)
Minus- 'The Longface' (Session Track)

The Verra Cruz- 'Soul Collides' (Crazeltown)
Three Children Of Fortune- 'Ghost Clothes' (Org)
Harpies- 'Lie Down' (Fortune and Glory)
Nine Days To No One- 'Gala Contemplating' (Eden Maine)
Colour Of Fire- 'Fuck Work, Let's Party' (Riverman)
Lost Prophets- 'Last Summer' (White)
Year Zero- 'Lessons in Breaking STraight Lines' (Live Without Dead Time)
Mark Lanegan Band- 'Driving Death Valley Blues' (Beggars Banquet)
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