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Rock Show Tracklistings: 8/06/04

Slipknot - 'Duality'

The Distillers - 'Drain The Blood'
The Distillers - 'City Of Angels'
The Distillers - 'The Hunger'

KoRn - 'Got The Life'

Dillinger Escape Plan - 'Sunshine'
Dillinger Escape Plan - 'Phone Home'

Machine Head - 'Ten Ton Hammer'
Machine Head - 'Descend The Shades Of Night'
Machine Head - 'Davidian'
Machine Head - 'Block'

Cradle Of Filth - 'Her Ghost In The Fog'

KoRn - 'Shoots And Ladders'
KoRn - 'One'
KoRn - 'Freak On A Leash'
KoRn - 'A.D.D.I.D.A.S.'
KoRn - 'Dead Bodies Everywhere'

Slipknot - 'Three Nil'
Slipknot - 'Disasterpieces'
Slipknot - 'Pulse Of The Maggots'
Slipknot - 'Heretic Anthem'
Slipknot - 'Spit It Out'
Slipknot - 'People = Shit'
Slipknot - 'Surfacing'

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