Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

Monday 29th June 2009

The Carter Family – ‘Keep On the Sunny Side’ (Proper)
Spongebob Squarepants – ‘Campfire Song’ (Nick)
Blue Roses – ‘I Am Leaving’ (Salvia XL)

Fence Session Artist 1: King Creosote
King Creosote – ‘Curtain Craft’ (Session Track)
King Creosote – 'It Means Nothing' (Session Track)
King Creosote – ‘Nothing Rings True’ (Session Track)
King Creosote – Coast On By (Session Track)

Track As Chosen by King Creosote
Withered Hand - ‘No Cigarettes’ (SL Records)

Bill Monroe And His Bluegrass Boys - ‘I Saw The Light’ (Universal)
Laura Marling – ‘Cross Fingers’ (Astralwerks)

Fence Session Artist 2: Pictish Trail
Pictish Trail – ‘You Covered The Earth With Your Thumb’ (Session track)
Pictish Trail – ‘Going Gone’ (Session Track)
Pictish Trail – ‘Nothing Rings True’ (Session Track)
Pictish Trail – ‘Words Fail Me Now’ (Session Track)

Track As Chosen by Pictish Trail
The Shivers – ‘African Passport’ (State Capitol)

Woody Guthrie - ‘Riding In The Car’ (Smithsonian Folkways)
Gizzly Bear - ‘Campfire’ (Warp)
Bob Dylan – ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ (Columbia)
Greek Folk Song – ‘Himariotikos’ (.)

Fence Session Artist 3: Player Piano
Player Piano – ‘Mercy’ (Session Track)
Player Piano – ‘Anything At All’ (Session Track)
Player Piano – ‘Mad Dog’ (Session Track)
Player Piano - ‘Backwards Invention (Session Track)

Track As Chosen by Player Piano
Dr Dog – ‘The Breeze’ (Park The van)

Frank Turner – ‘Nashville Tennessee’ (Xtra Mile)
Joni Mitchell – ‘Carey’ (Reprise)

Fence Collective Singalong
King Creosote/Player Piano/Pictish Trail - ‘La De Da’ (Session Track)
King Creosote/Player Piano/Pictish Trail - ‘Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice’ (Session Track)

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