Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

Monday 11th August 2008

Rob da Bank & Friends - Drop The Lime & Foamo Soundclash!


Drop The Lime Mix

Southside Pitbulls Intro
Louis La Roché - 'Get On Down' (White Label)
Joshua Harvey - 'Spycatcher' (Machines Don't Care)
Drop The Lime - 'I Love NY' (Trouble & Bass)
Intellect - 'Throw Your Hands Up' (Midtown Records)
Congorock - 'Runark' (Fools Gold Records)
Common Ft. Pharell - 'Universal Mind Control' (Geffen)
EJ - 'Temperature' Instrumental (White Label)
Menage A Trois - 'Funky 69' (White Label)
Run DMC - 'It's Like That' (Def Jam)
Mlkix The Cat - 'Freeze' (Trouble & Bass)
2 Fabiola - 'The Milky Way' (Dance Opera)
Brian Matrix - 'Lost In Space' Original Mix (Dynamic Musik)
Drop The Lime - 'Like Thunder' (Trouble & Bass)
Moby - 'Alice' Drop The Lime Heavy-Bass Remix (Mute)
Rico Tubbs - 'Ghetto Funk Baby' (Menu)
DJ R.L - 'Exclusive Sh*t' (White Label)
Machines Don't Care - 'Drop It To The Floor' (Machines Don't Care)
Crookers - 'Sveglia' (Southern Fried)
Drums Of Death - 'Breathe' Curses! Remix (Greco Roman)
Boy 8 Bit - 'The Suspense Is Killing Me' Drop The Lime Remix (Mad Decent)
Dances With White Girls - 'Bass Drop' (Trouble & Bass)
Snap! - 'Rhythm Is A Dancer' (Universal)
B.U.N - 'Mortal Kombat VIP' (Garage)
Robyn - 'Who's That Girl' Drop The Lime Dub (Universal)
Robyn - 'Who's That Girl' Drop The Lime Remix (Universal)
Brodinksi - 'Bad Runner' Radiocl*t Techno Jihad Remix (Mental Groove)
Drop The Lime - 'Tabac Theme' Hello Tel Aviv! (White Label)


Foamo Mix

Machines Don't Care - 'AfroJacker' (Machines Don't Care)
Foamo - 'Everything Cool' (Wearhouse Music)
Busy - 'To Protect & Entertain' Crookers Remix (Ed Banger)
Treasure Fingers - 'Cross the Dancefloor' Acapella (Fools Gold)
Say Whut - 'Go pt2' (White Label)
Will Bailey, Foamo & Ill Phil - 'Numb Wrist' (Red Leather)
Switch - 'This is Sick' Herve Reshuffle (Cock Rock Disco)
Lee Mortimer - 'Putto' (Dubsided)
Detboi - 'Y'all Want Mo' (Cheap Thrills)
Kidda - 'Under the Sun' Herve Remix (Skint)
Lord Skywave - 'Something' Andy George 'Just for Foamo' Remix (White Label)
Fake Blood - 'Mars' (Cheap Thrills)
Kid Cudi - 'Day & Night' Crookers Remix (Fools Gold)
Detboi & Foamo - 'Girls Dem Go' (Cheap Thrills)
Detboi & Foamo - 'Get Low' (Cheap Thrills)
Foamo - 'Rockerman' (Wearhouse Music)
Troydon - 'Mad World' (White Label)
Trevor Loveys - 'Insects' (Tragic Magic)
Steve Angello - 'Be' DJ Sega Remix (White Label)
RQM - 'Miss Pacman' Oliver $ Remix (White Label)
Machines Don't Care - 'Soundboy Massive' (Machines Don't Care)
Lee Mortimer - 'Uve Got 2 B' (Dubsided)
Primary 1 - 'Hold me Down' Foamo Remix (Phantasy Sound)
Black Lips - 'Mirror' Mumdance Rework feat Jammer (White Label)
Evil Nine - 'They Live' Trevor Loveys Remix (White Label)

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