Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

Monday 5th May 2008

Rob da Bank & Friends -The A to Z of Spiritualized

A Acetone – ‘Pinch’
B James Brooker - Good Night Ireno’
C Philip Cohran & The Artistic Hertitage Emsemble – ‘Malcom Little’
D Dr Alimantado – ‘Best Dressed Chicken In Town’
E Rock Erickson – ‘Creature With Atom Brain’
F Aretha Franklin – ‘Sweet Bitter Love’
G Gods – ‘Turn On’
H Harmonia – ‘Watussi’
I Elvis – ‘I’ll Never Stand In Your Way’
J Charlie Jackson – ‘Gods Got It’ (This one is missing)
K Kraftwerk – ‘Kometenmelodie 2’
L Leadbelly – ‘John Hardy’
M The Misunderstood – ‘I’m Not Talking’
N Noviciat de Socurs
O The Dirtbombs – ‘Ode To A Black Man’
P Marika Papajika – ‘Syuinikos Ballas’
Q Question Mark & The Mysterions – ’96 Tears’
R Royal Trux – Steelie
S Staple Singers – ‘Freedom Highway’
T Blind Willy – ‘Travellin’ Blues’
U ‘Unknown’ – Sorban Palid
V Alan Vega – ‘Sucide’
W Wayling Jennings – ‘Dreaming My Dreams’
W William Robertson – ‘Love Blues’
X Laurie Anderson – ‘Let X=X’
Y Yoko Ono – ‘Mind Train’
Z John Lee Zeigler – ‘John Henry’

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