Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

Monday 10th December 
Hot Chip's A-Z


Popolvuh – ‘Agnus Dei’
Beach Boys – ‘Vegetables’
Leonard Cohen – ‘An’t No Cure’
Bruce Springsteen – ‘Dancing In The Dark’
Brian Eno – ‘ Burning Airlines’
Breaks 3000 – ‘Flash’
Peter Gabriel – ‘DIY’
Hall & Oates – ‘Private Eyes’
Incredible String Band – ‘keeoaddi there’
Jodeci – ‘Come and Talk To Me’
Kraftwerk – ‘Neon Lights’
Fleetwood Mac – ‘Love In Store’


Max Tundra – ‘Mbgate’
Grovesnor – ‘Nitemoves’
Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Biilly – ‘The Worlds Greatest’
Prince – ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’
Bob Dylan – ‘Quin The Eskimo’
Robert Wyatt – ‘Yolanda’
Jeff Samuel – ‘Kluppa’
T Pane – ‘Bartender’
Paul Simon – ‘Under African Skies’
Max Mathews – Bicycle Made For Two’
Willie Nelson – ‘Sad Songs and Waltzes’
X – ‘Your Phone’s Off The Hook’
Noze – ‘Why Not’
Zongamin - Untitled

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