Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

Monday 3 December 
Mylo's A-Z


Aeroplane – ‘Aeroplane’
Bob Dylan – ‘Changing of The Guards’
Chris & Cosey – ‘This Is Me’
Automat – ‘Droid’
Electronic System – ‘Flight To Tokyo’
Duke of Burlington – ‘Flash’
Valerie Dore – ‘Get Closer’
Ofra Haza – ‘Im Nin Alu’
Irene Cara – ‘Fame’
J.J.Cale – ‘Ride Me High’
Kylie – ‘Mood For Love’


Legowelt – ‘The Republic’
Mighty Boosh – ‘Eels’
Neil Young – ‘Ohio’
John Ozila – ‘Funky Boogie’
P Lion – ‘Dreams’
Queen – ‘Prophet’s Song’
Riz Ortolini – ‘Il Corpo di Linda’
Slagsmalsklubben – ‘Sponsored by Destiny’
Tony Esposito – ‘Pagaia’
Unknown Artist – ‘Iko Iko’
Vivien Vee – ‘Alright’
Who’s Who – ‘Hypnodance’
Hot 8 Brass Band – ‘Sexual Healing’
Yamasuka Singers – ‘Yama’
Warren Zevon – ‘Roland The Thompson Gunner’

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