Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

Thursday 7 September

Subtle - 'Mercury Glaze' (Soft Pink Truth Remix) (Lex)
Arctic Hospital - 'Frost Castings' (LP - 'City Stream') (Narita)
Tapes n Tapes - 'Cowbell' (Black Eyes remix) (XL)
Loco Dice - 'Flight LB4575' (Ovum)
The Knife - 'Like A Pen' (Brille)

Various Productions in session
Circle of Sorrow

Brightblack Morning Light - 'We Have All Broken Shines' (LP - 'Brightblack Morning Light') (Matador)

Jamie from the Klaxons on the phone
Klaxons - 'Atlantic to Interzone'
Kids in Tracksuits - 'Real Axe' (LP - 'New Kids Rock the Block')
Voxtrot - 'Mothers Sisters Daughters and Wives' (single) (Play Louder)

Unsigned Track 1 - Team Brick - 'O' Amid'

Yo La Tengo - 'Mr Tough' (LP - 'I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass') (Matador)

Various Productions in session 

Eugene from Gogol Bordello on the phone
Gogol Bordello - 'Not A Crime'

Rank Deluxe - 'Poorman's Cab' (Fat Cat)
Dr Octagon - 'A Gorilla Driving A Pick Up' (LP - 'The Return of Dr Octagon') (Casual)
Kenny Leaven - 'Feeling Spicy'
Zea - 'New Kicks' (LP - Insert Parallel Universe')
Viking Moses - 'Little Emma's Smile'
Emalkay - 'Bats in the Belfry' (Ep - Testing the Waters)

Various Productions in session 
Dead Man 
Grizzly Bear - 'On A Neck, On A Spit' (Warp)
Trickski - 'The Bat' 
Tramp Attack - 'Call in Sick' (Viper)

Rose from Pipettes on the phone
Pipettes - 'Judy' (Memphis Industries)

Unsigned Track 2 - Tinpots - 'Slugs'

Spektrum - 'Don't Be Shy' (Non Stop)
The Future Sound of London - 'Papua New Guinea' (LP - 'Teachings from the Electronic Brain') (Virgin)

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