Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

8th June 2006

Dr Octgaon - 'Aliens' (Casual)
Henrik Schwarz - 'Jimis 2006' (Diamonds & Pearls)
Belle and Sebastian - 'White Collar Boy' (Single) (Rough Trade)
Wesley Wills - 'Composing A Song' (LP - Musics in the Margin) (Arte en Marge)
Breakage - 'Lead me On' (Scientific Wax)
Man Man - 'Engwish Budd' (LP - Six Demon Bag) (Ace Fu)
Klaxons - 'Atlantis To Interzone' (Single) (Merok)

SESSION TRACK 1 : Jeremy Warmsley - 'Dirty Blue Jeans'
SESSION TRACK 2  Jeremy Warmsley - 'Modern Children'

Jim Noir - 'Eanie Meany' (Single) (My Dad Recordings)
Rhythm and Sound - 'Poor People Must Work' (Carl Craig mix) (See Mi Yah Remixes)

UNSIGNED TRACK 1 : Mex: Meaningless Exploration of X by Burglarised - 'Funny Sort Of Feeling' 

Fields - 'Heretic' (EP - 4 from the Village) (Atlantic)
Catpower - 'Lived In Bars' (Single) (Matador)
Pizzy Yelliot - 'Could You Be Loved' (7" Single Club) (1965 Records)
Les Incompetants - 'How It All Went Wrong'

SESSION TRACK 3 : Jeremy Warmsley - 'A Matter Of Principle'
Our Brother The Native - 'A Podiforms' (LP - Tooth and Claw) (Fat Cat)
The Pipettes - 'Because Its Not Love But Its Still A Feeling' (LP - We Are The Pipettes) (Memphis Industries)

UNSIGNED TRACK 2 :  Andy Tekkaz - 'Southern Star'

Love Is All - 'Felt Tip' (LP - Nine Times That Same Song) (What's Your Rupture)

Darren Hayman - '8 Bit World' (7") Ukulele Songs from The North Devon Coast ) (Static Caravan)
Underworld - 'Wedge' (Download mix - I'm A Big Sister, and I'm a Girl, and I'm a Princess, and this is my Horse) (UnderworldLive)
Magoo - 'Trust To Love' (LP - The All Electric Amusement Aracde)
B6x C6dax - 'Naked Smile' (Metronomy Mix)
Daedelus - Sundown (LP - Denies The Days Demise) (Ninja Tune)
Ziggy Kinder - 'Augenblicksposer' (LP - Akrobatik) (Ware)

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