Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

13th April 2006

Juan Plectrum - 'Anarchy in the Ukelele' (MySpace)
David Sugar - 'We Weren't Put Together' (LP - I Can Count)
Adam Sky - Ape-X (Kitsune Maison)
1990s - 'U Made Me Like It' (Rough Trade)
Ladyscraper - 'If Its Gonna Be That Kinda Party, I'm Gonna Stick My Dick In Marky' (7") (Wrong Music)

SESSION TRACK : Deerhoof - 'Twin Killers'

Boards of Canada - 'Dayvan Cowboy'
The Mutts - 'Dog On Dog' (Fat Cat)
The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry (Dance To The Radio)

UNSIGNED TRACK : Tim Ten Yen - 'Sea Anemone'

Losoul - 'Cut So Sweet' (Playhouse)
Spinmaster Plantpot - 'Crazy Nites' (cdr)
Darren Hayman - Rain All Summertime (Static Caravan)

SESSION TRACK : Deerhoof - 'Spirit Ditties Of No Tone

Shitrobot - 'Galaxy' (DFA)
Psapp 'Tricyle' (LP - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted) (Domino)
Ethos Vs AMS - 'Pump It Up' (LP - Nu Energy Collective) (NEC)
Grandmaster Gareth - Forgotten the Fish (SL Records)
Semi Finalists - Short Acoustic Song (Regal Bear)

SESSION TRACK : Deerhoof - 'Lose My Breath'

UNSIGNED TRACK : Worried About Satan - 'Noise 1'

The Black Dog - 'Ripheadv2' (Soma)
The Gore Vidals - 'No More Shall I Kow Tow'
Distorted Minds - 'Searching' (12")
Skin, Flesh and Bones - Boxer Dub (LP - Fighting Dub 1975-1979) (Hot Pot Records)

SESSION TRACK : Deerhoof - 'Spy On You' 

My Latest Novel - 'Pretty In A Panic' (LP - Wolves)
Son of Dave - 'Roller Boogie' (Kartel)

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