Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

12th January 2006

Stereo Total - 'Everybody In The Discotheque (I Hate) (We Love Motor Mark Mix)' (Disko B)
Skream - 'Lightening' (12" EP - Skreamizm) (Tempa)
Masanka Sankayi & Kasai Allstars feat. Mutumalayi - 'Wa Muluendu' (CD - Congotronics 2) (Crammed Discs)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - 'In This Home On Ice' (Single) (Wichita)
Germlin - 'Youth Pixxel' (CD - Youth Pixxel) (Adaadat)
Graham Coxon - 'Standing On My Own Again' (Parlaphone)

Coming up in session...
This Is The Kit - 'With Her Wheels Again' (White Label)

Collabs 3000 - 'Tunox' (12" - Mentalism) (Novamute)
Mogwai - 'Travel Is Dangerous' (CD - Mr Beast) (Rock Action)
Reporter - 'Magic Forest (Glow)' (Unsigned) (White Label)
Hoax Funeral - 'A Prophecy Fulfulled' (Unsigned) (White Label)
Nomic - 'Fortuna' (12") (NuEnergy)
Same Actor - 'Nothing Yet' (CD - Sharp Edges) (Bip Hop)

Hot Chip Mix
Genesis - 'Back In NYC'
Noze - 'Kitchen'
Audion - 'Kisses'
Quasimoto - 'Silent Jeffs'
Hot Chip - 'Tchaparian'
Scritti Politti - 'Asylums In Jarusalem'
Yellow Magic Orchestra - 'Firecracker'
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - 'Air A Danser'
Nanko - 'Lucky You'
Hot Chip - 'Beach Party (Live at Brixton Academy)'

Battles - 'IPT 2' (CD - B/EP/C/EP) (Warp) 
Errors - 'Mr Milk' (CD - How Clean Is Your Acid House EP) (Rock Action)
The Singing Adams - 'Queen Of The House' (CD - Problems) (Track & Field)

Not So Secret Now!.. Secret
Snow White - 'Walked Past 27 Pictures Of An Ex Girlfriend' (White Heat)

Fotomoto - 'Le Passage' (LP - Fotomoto) (White Label)
Bobby Marie - 'Rodeo' (Whatever We Want)

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