Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

20th October 2005

Vicarious Bliss - 'Theme From Vicarious Bliss' (Justice Mix)
Dave Dulake & The Virgo Intacta - 'Unknown' (Dansettual)
Money Can't Buy Music - 'We Will All Asphyxiate' (SL)
The Pipettes - 'Dirty Mind' (CD Single) (Memphis Industries)
Richie Hawtin - 'The Tunnel' (12") (Novamute)
Paranormal - 'Movin' Twistin' Groovin' (Unsigned)
Bearsuit - 'Drinkink' (CD - Team Ping Pong) (Fantastic Plastic)
The Bomb Circle - 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (CD - Resurfaced) (Spooky Kermit)
Listen With Sarah - 'Mulatto' (Womb)
Fanfare Savale - 'Suita A Lu Nelu' (CD - Speed Brass Brass Of The Gypsies) (Sub Rosa)
Lightning Bolt - 'Captain Caveman' (Load)
The Wedding Present - 'Shivers' (Scopitones)
Moondog - 'Big Cat' (Honest Jons)
Lost Soul - 'Mindscape feat. Dark Angel' (White Label)

Hot Roddy live from Maida Vale
Hot Roddy - 'A Word In Your Shellike' (Wrong Music)
Hot Roddy - 'Pidgin Remix' (Wrong Music)
Hot Roddy - 'Hope' (Wrong Music)

Ebole live from Maida Vale
Top Gun Theme Tune
Practical Power Electronics
Botched Penile Implant
Missing You Already
Necrophiliac Dance Party
Velcro Scrotum

Mully live from Maida Vale
Can't Decide Between Susan Smith or Sharon Stone
I Stuck Mine

The Gross Consumer live at Maida Vale
Scaramandango (as The Sharon Smith Quartet)
Girls who like Sharon (as Sharon Smith Quartet)
Atatcak (as Max Benzol)

DJ Scotch Egg live at Maida Vale
Scotch Forest
Scotch Party
Scotch Land
Tetois Wonder Land
Scotch Party 2
Scotch Bach

Shitmat live at Maida Vale
Carol Vorderman...
Wrong Megamix
Quiet Noise
Hit Me With Your Gabba Stick

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