Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

22nd September 2005

Sonic Youth - 'Simpsons Theme' (CD - ATP 3.1) (ATP)
New Order - 'Bizarre Love Triangle' (CD Single) (London)
Cassette Boy - 'Saltgrain' (CD - Dead Horse) (Barry's Bootlegs)
Brakes - 'Ring A Ding Ding' (CD - Give Blood) (Rough Trade)
Bruno & Michel Are Smiling and Skipperrr - 'The Great Millipede' (Adaadat)
Magnetophone - 'Benny's Insobriety' (CD - The Man Who Ate The Man) (4AD)
Happy Band of Japan - 'Sunshine To The Brain' (Unsigned Track) (White Label)
Duplex - 'Fictional Frequency' (12" - Fictional Frequency) (Frantic Flowers)
Frivolous - 'Kisses' (12" - XXX EP) (Kompakt)
Williams - 'Picadilly Circus' (12") (Get Physical)
The Pictish Trail - 'A Night' (Fence)
Ollo - 'Lord Lucan Is Still Missing (Ask Betty or Freddy Queenspiracy Mix)' (12" - Lord Lucan Is Still Missing) (12 Apostles)
Shackleton - 'Limb By Limb' (White Label)
Jason Forrest - 'My 36 Favourite Punk Songs' (CD - Shamelessly Exciting) (Sonig)
Kate Bush - 'King Of The Mountain' (Single) (EMI)
Ephexis - 'Pigf**ker' (Sonic Decay)
Earlyman - 'War Eagle' (Matador)
Bola - 'Effanajor' (CD - Gynase) (Skam)
T-Bone Walker - 'T-Bone Blues' (CD - Papa Ain't Salty) (Blue Orchid)
Blue Leaf - 'Lepidoptera' (Unsigned Track) (White Label)
The Beta Band - 'Dr Baker' (CD - Best Of Beta Band Music) (Regal)
65 Days Of Static - 'Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here' (CD - One Time For All Time) (Monotreme)
Bichi - 'In The Parallax Of Your Gaze' (CD - Notwithstanding) (Hobby Industries) 
Fickle Public - 'Kittens Got Claws' (Small Town America)
Suicidal Birds - 'Summersetsun' (CD - Z-List) (Transformed Dreams)
Broadcast - 'Black Cat' (CD - Tender Buttons) (Warp)
Soulwax - 'Krack' (PIAS)

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