Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

17th March 2005

John Callaghan - 'When Oxytocin Goes Wrong' (White Label)
The Fog Band - 'Law Of The Sea' (Purr)

Session Track:
The Workhouse - 'Sellafield'

DJ Funk feat. House Mon - 'Sex Drive' (12" - Laugh EP) (ProJex)
The 6th Jackson - 'Knuckles' (CD) (White Label)
Fleeing New York - 'Up, Up, Up, Up' (CD) (White Label)
Morrissey - 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' (CD Single) (Attack)
Schneider TM - 'The Light 3000' (CD - Blue Balearic) (Leaf)
Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - 'Get Your Mood On' (CD) (White Label)

Session Track:
The Workhouse - 'Coathanger'

Electrelane - 'Eight Steps' (CD) (Too Pure)
Audio & Mackie - 'Go Away' (CD) (White Label)
Moondog - 'Before The Storm' (7") (Moondog Corner)
Subtitle - 'Palm Fronds' (12" - Young Dangerous Heart) (GSL)
Klinischtod - 'Mientras Dormias' (12" - Klinischtod) (Regular)
Ap Duw - 'Dinorwig Slate Quarry, Llanberis' (CD - Llechi) (High Quality)

Session Track:
The Workhouse - 'Shake 'Ands'

Fine Motion - 'Track 1' (CD) (White Label)
Baka - 'Kobo' (CD)(March Hare Music)
The National - 'Secret Meeting' (CD - Alligator) (Beggars Banquet)
Phatcamp - 'Pharaoh' (CD) (White Label)
The Phantom Limbs - 'Jackalope Rising' (GSL)

Session Track:
The Workhouse - 'Flyover'

Caribou - 'Hello Hammerheads' (Leaf)

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