Rob Da Bank

Sat 05.00-07.00

24th February 2005

Joan Crawford - 'Celebrities At Their Worst'
Ruby Orla - 'Track 2' (Morohiya)
The Mountain Goats - 'Dilaudid (Marrtronix Version)' (4AD)
Tipper - 'Ruck feat. MC Epcot' (Tippermusic)
Mugison - 'Sad As A Truck' (Accidental)
Nathan Fake - 'Overdraft' (Saw)
Montana Slim (The Yodelling Cowboy) - 'I'm Gonna Ride To Heaven On A Streamlined Train' (Sanctuary)
Count Matchuki and The Destroyers - 'Movements (The Joe Gibbs Way)' (Amalgamated)
Lestrade - 'Profiling' (White Label)
AFX - 'Boxing Day' (Analord 03)
Loudon Wainwright III - 'Black Uncle Remus' (EMI)
Martha Wainwright - 'Factory' (Drowned In Sound)
Konono No 1 - 'Masikulu' (Fat Cat)
Tipper - 'California Rolls' (Myutopia Records)
Luke Vibert & Jean Jaques Perrey - 'Moog Acid (Jackson Remix)' (Lo)
Thomas J Marshall - 'Arwhoolie (Cornfield Holler)' (Union Square)
Bizzy B - '16 Track Relick' (Planet Mu)

**Tipper Mix**
Christian Harder - 'Popland (Si Begg Mix)' (Wonder2004)
Unknown Artist - 'Big Question' (White Label)
Unknown Artist - 'Jamonit' (Hardcore Beats)
Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler - 'Glow (Si Begg Remix)' (White Label)
Andy Page - 'Mr Rush' (White Label)
Tipper - 'Open The Jowels' (Tippermusic)
Amb - 'Romeo (Raster's Rewire)' (Chi Records)
Tipper - 'Sable Taco' (Fuel)
Radioactive Man - 'Itisanditisnt (Tipper Mix)' (Control Tower)

Kissogram - 'Cool Kids Can't Die' (Louisville)
Solex - 'Hot Diggedy Dog Run, Run, Run'
Black Lily - 'A Cautionary Tale' (White Label)
Adam Johnson - 'Malk' (Narita Records)
Erectromorph - 'Knife' (Drga-Drga)
Blak Twang - 'Where Lions Roam' (Bad Magic)
Low - 'Pissing' (Rough Trade)

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