Pete Tong

Fri 21.00-23.00

Pete Tong Tracklistings: 24/1/2003

Gus Gus - 'David' (Underwater)
Armin Van Burren - 'Yet Another Day' (Nebula)
Body Talk - 'Controversy (Classic Mix)' (Test Records)
Stylophonic - 'If Everybody In The World' (Prolifica)
50 Cents - 'In Da Club' (Shady/Interscope)
Bebel Gilberto - 'Close Your Eyes (Buffalo Bunch Mix)' (East West)
Motif - 'Let The Madness Begin' (Z Records)
Paul Woolford - 'Out Of My Life' (White Label)
Scumfrog - 'Music Revolution Now' (White Label)
NERD - 'Provider' (Virgin)
Busta Rhymes - 'Make It Clap' (BMG)
King Unique - 'Lighters' (Junior)
Playgroup - 'Make It Happen (Ewan Pearson Mix)' (Output Recordings)
Archigram - 'Doggy Style' (Crydamour)
Ladytron - 'Blue Jeans (Josh Wink Mix)' (Decode/Telstar)
Unknown - 'Coldplayed' (White Label)
***DJ on the Phone - DJ Sneak***
Three Kings feat Jaygun and Bashy - 'Shake That Booty' (Coco Machete Records)
Layo and Bushwacka - 'Deep South (D'Julz Remix)' (End Recordings)
Bent - 'Magic Love (West London Deep Mix)' (Sport)
Sam Le More - 'Takin Hold' (Underwater)
***This Week's Essential New Tune***
M Factor - 'Come Together' (White Label)
Tiga (DJ Kicks) - 'Hot In Here' (K7)
Jon Carter - 'Go Down' (Saville Row Records)
AB/DC - 'The Feelin' (Southern Fried)
Freeland - 'We Want Your Soul' (Marine Parade)
***The Buzz Chart***
West London Deep - 'Gonna Make You My Lover' (Future Groove)
Agoria - 'La 11eme Marche' (Pias)
Agoria - 'La 11eme Marche' (Pias)
Andrea Doria - 'Bucci Bag' (Southern Fried)
Paul Jackson - 'The Push' (White Label)
Massive Attack - 'Special Cases (Luomo's Casing)' (Virgin)
***Buzz No 1***
Room 5 feat Oliver Cheatham - 'Make Luv ' (Positiva)
***The Trainspotter***
Bob Sinclar - 'Gym Tonic' (Yellow)
***The Friday Night Hot Mix***
Brighton Project - 'Satisfied' (Harlem Records)
Mooncat feat Ferank - 'Hear What Was Said' (Forensic)
Steve Porter and Eli Wilke - 'Bubblebath' (White Label)
Futureshock - 'Late At Night' (Junior)
Herbal Infusion - 'The Hunter (Steiger Remix)' (White Label)
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