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Fri 21.00-23.00

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Pete Tong Tracklistings:

The Essential Selection - Live from Ibiza
Friday 16th August

1. DT8 feat. Roxanne Wild - 'Destination' (Double F Double R)
2. Who Da Funk feat Jessica Eve - 'Shiny Disco Balls' (Subusa)
3. David Guetta - 'Love Don't Let Mr Go' (Virgin)
4. Unknown - 'Thrill Her' (White Label)
5. Room 5 - 'Make Luv' (Positiva)
6. DJ Sneak - 'Fix My Sink' (White Label)
7. Talk Talk - 'It's My Life' (White Label)
8. Duex - 'Duex' (1 Off Recordings)
9. Scissor Sisters - 'Comfortably Numb' (White Label)

10. DJ Falcon / Thomas Banglater - 'So Much Love To Give / Together' (Roule)

***In The Mix - Pete Gooding***
11. Shakedown - 'At Night (Rulers of the Deep Mix)' (Sine Dance)
12. Pete Gooding - 'Words (Vocal Mix)' (Fuju)
13. Jakatta - 'My Vision (Joey Negro Mix)' (Rulin)
14. Kinky - 'Soun Tha Mi Primer Amour' (White Label)

***DJ in the Studio - Jo Mills***
15. Steve Mac & Jo Mills- 'House Arrest' (Junior)
16. Blaze feat. Palmer Brown - 'Do You Remember House (Laid Mix)' (Slip N Slide)
17. 3SL - 'Touch Me, Tease Me (Full Intention Dub)' (White Label)
18. Alliance - 'Neruda (Alliance Club Mix)' (Bustin Loose Recordings)

***Essential New Tune***
19. Dirty Vegas - 'Days Go By (Scumfrog Vocal Mix)' (Credence)
20. Rui Da Silva - 'Out Of Control' (Kismit)
21. Moguai - 'You Know Why' (Punx Sqaud)
22. Bryan Zentz - 'D Clash' (Intec)

***The Buzz Chart***
23. Tomaz & Filterheadz -'Sunshine' (Intec)
24. Timo Maas feat Kelis - 'Help Me (Deep Dish Mix)' (Perfecto)
25. Mutiny - 'Ya Self' (Underwater)
26. Superchumbo - 'Irresistable' (Loaded)

***Buzz No 1.***
27. Cassius - 'The Sound Of Violence (Narcotic Thurst Mix)' (Virgin)

***The Trainspotter***
28. Bassheads - 'Is Anybody Out There' (Deconstruction)

***Friday Night Hot Mix with Claudio Coccoluto***
29. Dylan Rhymes - 'Thunderdub' (Blue Black)
30. Cheech - '65 Wild' (Wild Loops)
31. La Liga - 'We R Phuture' (Black Russian)
32. Reclose - ''Ain't Changin' (Planet E)
33. World Famous Martinez Orchestra - 'Southside (Coccoluto Dub)' (Credence)

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