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BBC - Radio 1 - Dance Pete Tong
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Latest Tracklistings:
Lottie covering for Pete: 9/8/2002

Coloursound - 'Fly With Me' (City Rockers)
Thick D - 'Insatiable' (Multiply)
Who Da Funk - 'Sting Me Red' (Subusa / Cream)
Royksopp - 'Remind Me' (Wall of Sound)
FC Kahuna - 'Hayling' (City Rockers)
Mutiny - 'Ya Self' (Underwater)
Fully Booked - 'Hold On' (Houseworks)
Linda Clifford - 'Sunshine (Moultan Studios Mix)' (Oli)
Superchumbo - 'Irresistible (Maurel and Fauvrelle Mix)' (Loaded)
Tim Deluxe feat Sam Obernik - 'It Just Won't Do (Stantons Warriors Mix)' (Underwater)
Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor - 'Kinky (Sneak Remix)' (White Label)
Cassius - 'The Sound of Violence (Regga Rock Mix)' (Virgin)
Bebel Gilberto - 'So Nice (Derrick Carter Mix)' (East West)
Ian Pooley and Magic J - 'Piha' (Honchos)
Taz - 'Whistles' (Prolifica)
Q Burns Abstract Message - 'Innocent (King Britt Mix)' (NRK)
***DJ on the Phone - Dylan from Mutiny***
DJ Reza - 'The Richest Gift' (Sunflower)
2 Heads - 'Out of The City (Thick D Mix)' (2M Recordings)
Unknown - 'The Lick' (White Label)
Monkey Boie Rascal - 'Everybody (Club)' (Jalapeno Records)
***Essential New Tune***
Room 5 feat Oliver Cheatham - 'Make Luv' (Positiva)
Lo Fidelity Allstars - 'Feel What I Feel' (Skint)
Matrix - 'Get Out' (Champion)
D'Jules - 'Acid Tricks' (Ovum)
***The Ibiza Buzz Chart***
Zoo Brasil - 'Flavour' (Spacefunk)
Ernest St Laurent - 'In The Sky' (BMG)
Archigram - 'Carnival' (Crydamoure)
Amillionsons - 'Misti Blu (Archigram Vocal Mix)' (London)
Layo and Bushwacka vs Planet Funk - 'Sun Story' (White Label)
***Buzz No 1 ***
Who Da Funk feat Jessica Eve - 'Shiney Disco Balls' (Subusa Records)
***The Trainspotter***
2 In Room - 'Take Me Away' (Cutting Records)
***The Friday Night Hot Mix***
Circuit Boy Feat Alan T - 'Rewind (Accapellea)' (Groovilicious)
DJ Alexi and DJ Abigale - 'Hello (Excessive Dope Mix)' (DJP)
X Press 2 - 'I Want You Back (7th Movement Mix)' (Skint)
Underworld - '2 Months Off (John Ciafone Vocal Remix)' (JBO)
Roberto Peruvia - 'Cruel World' (White Label)

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