One World

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Tracklistings: 22/04/2004

4AD Label Special

The Pixies - 'Here Comes Your Man' (4AD)
Tv On The Radio - 'Staring At The Sun' (4AD)
Blonde Redhead - 'Elephant Woman' (4AD)
Cass McCombs - 'Meet Me Here At Dawn' (4AD)
Bauhaus - 'Terror Couple Kill Colonel' (4AD)
Bauhaus - 'Dark Entries' (4AD)
Bauhaus - 'Rose Garden' (4AD)
Birthday Party - 'Sunny Burning' (4AD)
Modern English - 'I Melt With You' (4AD)
This Metal Coil - 'Siren Song' (4AD)
Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares - 'Svatba' (4AD)
Dead Can Dance - 'Carnival' (4AD)
MARRS - 'Pump Up The Volume' (4AD)
The Cocteau Twins - 'Ice Blink Luck' (4AD)
The Cocteau Twins - 'Heaven Or Las Vegas' (4AD)
Throwing Muses - 'Hate My Way' (4AD)
The Pixies - 'Here Comes Your Man' (4AD)
The Pixies - 'Hey' (4AD)
Michael Brook - 'Ultra Marine' (4AD)
Red House Painters - 'Summer Dress' (4AD)
Insides - 'Clear Skin' (4AD)
Mojave 3 - 'Some Kind Of Angel' (4AD)
Kristen Hirsh Feat Michael Stipe - 'Your Ghost' (4AD)
His Name Is Alive - 'Write My Name' (4AD)
Breeders - 'Divine Hammer' (4AD)
Breeders - 'Off You' (4AD)
Breeders - 'Cannonball' (4AD)
Mountain Goats - 'Design Your Own Container Garden' (4AD)
Mountain Goats - 'See America Right' (4AD)
Vinny Miller - 'Taglebot' (4AD)
Vinny Miller - 'Hastener' (4AD)
Rachel Goswell - 'Plucked' (4AD)
Tanya Donnely - 'Whiskey Tango' (4AD)
Magnetophone - 'I've Been Looking'(4AD)
Minotaur Shock - 'Hilly' (4AD)

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